There are portals inside your head

Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Now have been everywhere.

The weather has been really crazy lately. Snowing, raining, snowing, raining, freezing, raining, snowing, freezing, snowing, raining…. and so on.

Maybe not so very different from how the winters usually behave here, but in a very fast forward mode.

The scene changes quickly. Just like where I am and what I shoot. And I have been heavy shit tired lately. And all this annoying headache behind every corner. Thank you, my friend, Sumatriptan for being there helping me to fight for my life.

Time moves so fast, and I’m so slow. And when I run, time slows me down even faster. I feel like a motion blur between two worlds. A ghost.

Reclaim the speed of life!


Thank you God’s, that I’m so fu**** curious to experience what happens next no matter how obviously life seems to be carved in stone. You never know.

Life is full of everything behind the imaginary walls of the ordinary everyday. Open up, be prepared, be curious. It’s not even a wall, it’s just a thin layer of projections. Inside your mind.

There are portals inside your head, hidden in unexpected combinations that unlock paths to unknown destinations in your mind. Change the scene.











What next…

I don’t know. I never plan my life. Things just happen as it comes to me, and from there I make my move.

You are here now!

Some things I know. Some things I don’t.

I have never known what to be or do when I grow up. Now I’m grown up, still not a clue. So I am, and I do.

I see patterns in an abstract map of now. A kaleidoscope full of possible ways to see.

My plan is to proceed. Forward in any direction.

Repeat and transform.



until the end of the world


The Show must go on

Winter is definitely here now. At least for the moment.

Let it snow.

Usually doesn’t last very long. The winter season here is usually everything at the same time and then back to nothing, usually steady at nothing – borderline.

Snow is rare. It comes in huge attacks, rain, melts and freezes into a hard bone cracker glaze. Or just slush and gone and so on.

I have learned to cope and don’t care. Look beyond the shit. It’s only a bad distraction trying to make you feel bad. Totally useless feeling, never invite it unless making fun of it.

I didn’t need to get out, I wanted.

I love snow. Some don’t because they think it’s only will turn into slush and ice anyway. Wrong input and output – reset and reconnect. I love snow, not what it might be as worst, even if it usually does. I love every second of snow. It makes me happy. Bad clothes and bad mindset is your enemy, not the weather.

Snow lights up the world.

When the days are short, darkness dominate and the world look like 50 naked shades of dirty brown and grey, how can you not love snow covering it.

I will never stop dreaming of white fluffy winters. All of a sudden it actually will happen. Just like the dreams of a long warm sunny summer. Never abandon your hope and dreams – shit will take its place immediately and make you boring. And you will always freeze.

If you’re really good at bending your mind in curious and smiley directions it will make you feel good from the inside of your heart. If your world is shit. What else is there to make it better for you, but yourself.

Never blame the weather. It will always be as it is no matter what you think about it. Make a better world. We don’t need to fertilize and grow shit from the inside out.

And I also believe in unicorns.

And then it disappears.


And when it rains it rains. And when it’s storming it’s storming. It won’t be any better than it is inside your head. The elements are not the enemy, they’re there to make us alive.



the Anti Hotel (travel & hotel 3) and home

Hotel Göta…. I can’t get this place out of my head. It really made a deep impression in my head. I will remember most of Örebro and the days through this hotel.

Some would probably wonder wtf and either get grumpy or just say sorry but I don’t want to stay here. One couple actually did that. They were booked but was definitely disappointed.

When I and my college arrived we were really much wtf in our heads. In a fun and curious way. It really has odd qualities beyond the ordinary expectations. You can’t expect this hotel to satisfy you from the outside without exciting, curious and creative imagination. And you probably want to be here together with someone to share the funny thoughts that will begin to act like a pot of popping popcorns.

Was it good or bad? Impossible to tell. Probably not worth the cost if you’re not aware of its awkward qualities (and probably not even because of that). And the breakfast was lousy. Not bad, but very poor and quite boring. A very strange place. Was it real? Hotel Göta is an anti-hotel.

It’s shared in the same building as private apartments, split into two parts by a stairwell in the middle. Wide open even when no staff is there.

One of the ladies who worked here asked for “English please”, but could barely express one word understandable. And apparently, she didn’t understand very much English either. But she was very kind and smiled a lot.

Jokingly we wondered – What if this place is an experiment. All of a sudden we disappear and our friends say that we were staying at a hotel called Göta – Sure, and a smile. That place doesn’t exist, it’s a myth.

In many ways, it reminded me a lot of a very small version of “The Overlook Hotel” from “The Shining”. I just waited for the girls standing at the end of the hallway. Fortunately, or not, this place seemed not to be very haunted. But I almost wished it was, it would fit perfectly.

Hotel Göta is just odd and I will never forget it. It’s absolutely worth a visit, but maybe not two. Maybe 10 years later, for nostalgic reasons.


Time flies and all of a sudden the visit came to its end. Five days passed slow and fast simultaneously.


Back home we made another nostalgic trip. First a short trip with one train and then a change to “Blå tåget” – the blue train. Yes, it’s blue. Actually a modern concept with old things. The wagons are original wagons from the early sixties. Beautiful living things with a soul and no plastic fantastic furnishing.

Back to a chaotic Gothenburg where a gigantic European Union meeting was afoot. Half the city and surrounding areas affected by preparations and cordons. No busses no trams to Mölndal. Luckily there is a third alternative – train, again. Much train and travel back home before a good night in my own bed.




Örebro (travel & hotel 2)

Another day. We can call it Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe Thursday. Or all three.

Occasionally I am, but usually, I’m not the ordinary tourist photographer. I like to remember things from a slightly different view.

Things never became as expected. I never felt much of my melancholy as I usually do under circumstances like this. And I never made much of my expected photo walks either.

But my issues with my insomnia was much the same. And it got company every morning when my sleep usually always is as best. In the morning just before the wake-up call. Wtf and get up, my sleep is ruined anyway now.

Strangely I was surprisingly awake and alert through the daylight time, not falling to sleep in my chair more than a couple of sporadically minutes. Really odd actually.

Sitting almost still the whole day four days in a row is really demanding when you are used to moving your body and mind constantly. Interesting but mentally and anti-physical exhausting.

Unknown places are always a fun, scary and exciting experience. But it’s never about the physical place itself, it’s a psychological location happening somewhere inside your mind.

Örebro is most likely just like Mölndal or Gothenburg, or any other place on earth. Same same but different depending on where you feel is home and unknown places are always exciting.

But nothing here made me very impressed more than the curiosity of moving around in the unknown. It could, of course, have to do with the fact that I only saw most of the city after dark. But I always like cities with water.

A double nature visit. One for my profession and one for myself. One for the matter and one for the soul. A nice break in the ordinary patterns of everyday life. And I will never forget hotel Göta.

And I made my first snowball of the year.

Stay tuned for the sequel. Too many shots to share in one more post – so there will be a third “hotel and travel” – to the end of days.




Sometimes. I walk through myself…

Collecting moments of time. A strange obsession. Like a magnetic field, impossible to avoid (photography).

A mesmerizing attract-and-action. Opening cracks in time and space where the parallel dimensions of our mind hide.

Sometimes I can’t resist my need to shoot. Whatever, I just have to shoot anything. Don’t bother the nothingness. It’s nothing but a bad layer of a boring illusion.

At home, a little restless… no, very restless. Grab the camera, sneak around like a ninja in my own apartment. Then the rain started to peck at the windows. Good, grab the umbrella and get out. I’m major Tom in a Tin can.

Don’t care if there’s nothing there. Anything can be anything. It’s like hacking your brain, deciphering the unseen, open invisible doors and enter hidden dimensions.

Bend the world and your mind will make it happen. Change the appearance of things in your mind.

: The rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample

Imagination is a powerful tool. Use it, and it will reward you.

Through the darkness of future past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds
Fire walk with me

/\ Twin Lynch Peaks David /\



Enjoy the silence / Smike;)


High on Atmosphere

Even if I like the summer better, winter has its own untouchable greatness. The only thing about winter that I don’t like is all those clothes all over your body. And stone cold fingers. You can’t really relax when making photography in the winter.

Well, ok. Actually maybe not really winter yet. But the signs are here. Two early mornings with a white layer of frost on the grass and the roofs.

Super clear blue sky and crisp air. Let’s follow the Invisible Rabbit

Coffee, then some more, and a walk with the dogs. Then a surprise attacked me with a spontaneous trail-run. Struck by some kind of subconscious inspiration.

A great start to a great morning. Capture and keep that great feeling. High on atmosphere, the perfect drug.

Shower and then out again. Nothing advanced but a happy head, shooting anything that comes in mind. Just a short visit to Mölndal by foot with a silly smile.

All kind of things felt awesome today. Not very much people in the streets photography although. Because on Sundays there are not very much people in the streets anyway. So I didn’t bother to hunt those humanoid moments very much.

But apparently, I caught more people than I remember when went through my shots back home. This was a little strange.

The whole walk was a bit strange actually. In a pleasant way. I was definitely walking around in my parallel universe today. Okay, I know, I’m obsessed by spacetime. But I can’t help it. That’s what Smikes do.


I love days like these. So simple and full of infinitude.




Street Photography is

Street photography is a curious genre derived from the candid and documentary style/genres and has adopted a whole lot of different styles and genres within itself through time. This makes the street photography genre very contradictory and confusing, and a myth.

The candid soul within the art of street photography is wild at heart and the untameable child of anarchy, making it a very unpredictable element, if you invite it. It can even take you far away from the streets and still breath street photography in its context.

Or not…

Don’t ask: What is street photography?!
Ask: What is street photography not!?

I’m in love with this genre. Probably just because of its wide open and creative heart of wilderness where any subject or object are welcome to participate. Fits my mind perfectly.

What happened to become a trilogy of words is now at its th3rd and last, and longest, step. Even if there is a connection they are readable in any order, or alone. Actually, I have been writing versions of same, same but different posts before. Life on a blog often tends to become a recurrent repetition in a different light. You will probably feel some deja-vu when reading this. Yes, I repeat a lot of my thoughts here, I know.

What I try to achieve is as usual – therapy for an infinite mind trying to understand what I try to think.

All shots in this post are made with an iPhone7.

In many ways, street photography has been kind of a project in my life with a camera. This was just something that suddenly popped up in my head one day and gave me the inspiration to explore.

When I started this adventure I sort of stepped back to basic and went kind of a cautious wannabe beginner trying to avoid failure and nail greatness. This also included my mindset when I was doing the post-processing. From being quite careless I went far too cautious.

In combination with a completely new environment shooting strangers in the streets, this was a mind-blowing experience. I was extremely stiff and lost and very often felt scared, bad and stuck in a mental block holding me back.

I have had my doubts many times if this was my thing. And I have felt very unsure of what I really want and like. But my curiosity was stronger and now I see the streets as one of my natural playgrounds. And my editing software is my playstation.

Within this more stabilized relationship, I slowly began to feel more determined and sure of what I wanted to achieve. Finding my way back to my more playful and careless creativity as I once upon a time used to make photos with my mobile. More fun and less serious. Never avoid failure and challenge everything you think is interesting and good enough. Fuck the rules!

I do a lot of wild and crazy snapshot photography when I’m out doing the streets or occasionally make random single shots from wherever whenever. Just because of the fun and excitement and unexpected and potential surprises. Create your moments.

But everything doesn’t have to be about snapshot intuition. It’s just a great key to unlock things. Being slowly spontaneous and experimental is just as good and fun and something I also practicing, a lot.

And I Can’t wait to tweak my “negatives” of reality back home. Even if I’m quite cautious in my editing experiments compared to how I used to play around with my photos once upon a time, I still like to tweak my shots quite a lot. But in general, I prefer some kind of balance not making it too obvious fancy excessive. Not lying too obvious. I want to stay in touch with some kind of trustworthy reality at the same time. But it happens that I tweak the light and darkness a little beyond from time to time.

On the whole, every photo we make is a little lie.

Making photography of life from a slightly different and unexpected view is like practicing magic and the art of bending and expanding the ordinary. Just a touch of less is more, as simple as possible. Most likely you will find your own magic when and where you least expect it, hidden in the insignificant.

Nothing has to exclude the other in favor from doing both at the edge of the opposite at the same time. Common mainstream easy digestive and strange oddities side by side will expand your mind.

Love, Soul, and Curios Creativity to you all / Smike;)

The “trilogy” is

Street Photography is a Roadmovie

Street Photography is a Rollercoaster

Street Photography is (this one)

Dead or Alive

Solitude moments
Snaps of life
Peaks and valleys

I have always had a crush for the mystical dimensions of life. True or false is of no concern. What matters is the art of imagination. I like to dope the science with fiction.

Expanding life beyond our ordinary perception.

It doesn’t have to be that very different from the everyday ordinary to imagine life beyond WYSIWYG.

Dead or Alive
It’s your choice
Everything lives
Only nothing is dead

I love things. You find stories everywhere. Some only spoken inside yourself.

Just objects, dead stuff, life of the living dead. Dead or Alive? You choose. Imagination is magic.

Just a walk through the old parts of my city – Kvarnby, the ancient trace of once upon a time. So close but far away from where you can buy instant manufactured happiness in a plastic bag.

I love those empty silent streets. Wherever they are.



Yeah, I know, I’m odd, probably nuts. It makes life more interesting, so the choice is easy. Wine helps to understand…


Sometimes, think… don’t wait for a special occasion to shoot something. Just shoot it. How stupid simple it ever may be. Actually, don’t think very much at all. Don’t care and see what happens. Just throw away the lens at something and click.

Don’t bother what camera you use. Use the one you have right here right now, which almost always is your smartphone. The soul of a photography is far more interesting, exciting and important than fabulous quality and fantastic views.

This is what I do, this is what I see a couple of times everyday – walking our dogs, and anytime in between. It’s so everyday common insignificant that I wanted to make some photos of it (ok, this particular moment occurred some weeks ago).

It’s easy to go blind and forget the beauty that actually live in those insignificant moments. Take care of them. They are more important than you may think in making life more interesting than you may think. Penetrate and go beyond what you take for granted.

This is my way to achieve more mindfulness in life. Even without making photos. But you need to remind yourself constantly about it to not forget it.