I had a little moment with myself this morning. I was staring at myself in the mirror in the hallway after a pee in the bathroom. Then I got stuck there. Not as much me as the light - I fell in love with the light, not myself (ok, maybe a little...). I just happened … Continue reading SKIN

Follow the invisible rabbit

Once upon a time Time was unknown and life was now Then you become aware and life moves into the future When the future gets old your life moves back into the past Once in a lifetime Follow the invisible rabbit ...    [  ]   Curiosity never killed the cat … Continue reading Follow the invisible rabbit

It will never be any better than you make it

It's the most simple truth and fact. Boring is about nothing but making it so. Not the most fun may be true, but it will definitely never ever be more fun than you make it. Strangely it's very easy to make it worse. Where does happiness comes from? reading It will never be any better than you make it

the Black Coffee project is here

Meanwhile the Black Coffee project continues behind the scene. Whatever the meaning of this project is meant to be, I will continue post some photos from time to time. Just as I randomly will shoot coffee time moments in the kitchen whenever I get into the mood. I have not thought about … Continue reading the Black Coffee project is here