The river without name

I was just about to write something. And then I forgot it. Actually not at all. That was just a feeling to fill the void and make some noise. Just like TV without a picture. Very lucid inside myself. Empty dead on the outside. This is my only connection. Some words, some images, some … Continue reading The river without name

Growing into patterns

Every day is another day. Very simple, nothing strange about that. That’s life on repeat. This is the gravity of life everything revolves around. Existence needs patterns. Patterns are born through repetitive movements in time and space. Without patterns, we are lost. We need that same old shit to be able to create new … Continue reading Growing into patterns

There are portals inside your head

Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Now have been everywhere. The weather has been really crazy lately. Snowing, raining, snowing, raining, freezing, raining, snowing, freezing, snowing, raining.... and so on. Maybe not so very different from how the winters usually behave here, but in a very fast forward mode. The scene changes quickly. … Continue reading There are portals inside your head


Sometimes. I walk through myself... Collecting moments of time. A strange obsession. Like a magnetic field, impossible to avoid (photography). A mesmerizing attract-and-action. Opening cracks in time and space where the parallel dimensions of our mind hide. Sometimes I can't resist my need to shoot. Whatever, I just have to shoot … Continue reading Frequencies

Precious elements of Life

On the other side of the street Another world awaits Where the elements of origin dwell Like ancient Gods of nature On the other side of the street Another world awaits Where the elements of origin are captured We are what we make We make what we are … Continue reading Precious elements of Life

the Gatekeeper of Antimatter   In one of those worlds where everything matter But nothing but white noise when the door opens Unseen tales stay unseen behind the scene Living in the same room as everyone else Naked behind hidden environment Unseen by correction The wall of perception separating the worlds from colliding Protecting visions from the underworld … Continue reading the Gatekeeper of Antimatter