Follow the invisible rabbit

Local walk to watch the day

One of the more warmer days today. Too hot in my ordinary shoes and flip flops are not made for long walks. So I put on my favorite shoes – my Vibram Fivefingers. Yay, that’s it. Feels like heaven also for my feet now.


Ok, and now where to go? Follow the invisible rabbit.

Actually not very much happening anywhere this day in Mölndal. Sleepy slow. Days like these many people either take a trip to Gothenburg or the coastline, maybe one of the lakes or just hanging around in their garden or balcony.

I never bothered finding any specific reason what to shoot. Just anything and walk anywhere. Probably my favorite mood and way of making photos, not getting locked up inside thinking what and the need of must find something.

I like the idea of just get out and look around and crossbreed my thoughts with the view. No matter how well you know and many times you have seen your own little town. You will always find a new layer of thoughts upon the same old view, making it slightly different.

And you never know when something unexpected appears. Either inside your head or in front of you.

I love those simple laid back everyday adventures.

Live Today, Die Tomorrow

Live today, die tomorrow
Life is time, time is life
Life is changing, changing is time

Life between yesterday and tomorrow
A lifetime before tomorrow

Today we live as long there is time
Tomorrow we die as long as we live

Be there and don’t miss the road trip
Live today, die tomorrow

Born to be alive, not die

A walk, some shots, a meal, some coffee, some sleep. In the air. Looking at the sky, the sun and the passing clouds. Life unlimited as long as you are. The wind made a song of air in my head, whispering. This is what I heard, or felt, I’m not sure.

The Foam of Days

Lets start with the heavy shit first. Just to throw up some frustration and clean up my thoughts.

This photo was taken as a kind of manifestation over my hateful relationship with my headache (migraine). This was shot when just released from its prison. So, there you are.

One day almost in heaven, next back to hell. But lets stay in heaven where my head almost was in yesterday. First I made a spontaneous Vlog in the morning. A very strange idea indeed that came unexpected from nowhere. Soon thereafter I took my bike and went to Mölndal, my own little hometown for a walk with my camera.

Mölndal is a city in big change. Not only that it grows intensively a little big bit everywhere. The whole city centre is undergoing a huge remake and the epicentre is erased from scratch. Not a day to late because the city core of Mölndal have been a joke, a bad joke all too long – ridiculous boring not worth the effort to visit.

Even if I’m not actively look for views to make photographic documentation of this remake, I think it’s fun to caught some glimpses of the transformation in my photography while I’m here. And it’s fascinating to see how traces of the ongoing construction areas often sneaks in the periphery of photos made here.

Otherwise my mission for the day was just to see if I could find something along the way to shoot. My intuition decided what to make my day. I was not excepting making street portraits, but it just happened to be some.

I got about 50/50 no/yes when asking. That’s good, in two ways. It’s good to learn how to deal with the situation when you get a no and nice knowing that a lot of people out there actually have nothing against it.

Nowadays I have become very confident in asking for permission and a no is nothing that hits my self esteem. But only when I’m in the mood. When not I still find it hard to empower the self esteem I need to just do it. It’s something that comes and goes.

As usual I cannot withstand a visit to the public transportation centre, known as Mölndals Bro (bridge). The bridge that connects the divided city in two halves between the highway and the railway.

This have become one of my favourite spots. Much because it comes naturally in my way when going away or going home, either by bus or bicycle. So I always ends up here sooner or later. Again and again and seems to never get bored of doing it.

The city of Mölndal itself is after all still a quite slow sleepy and unexciting town. But in a strange way, in small doses and with the right mindset, interesting to observe. A nice place to be when your head is still not fully recovered, but can’t resist the lust to get out making some street photography.

Reclaim the speed of life

Still not attracted to the big over humanised streets. I’m not in the mood for that kind of street photography at all for the moment. Not trying to force it to be liked either. Just waiting, doing other meanwhile. It will come when it comes.

I really like the mindful sleepy slow urban backstreet life behind the big scene of million faces. So much more satisfying. And so much better for my over sensitivity head being where life is going on in more natural speed.

Reclaim the speed of life.

Not many people here but few on the way back home or away. Some very few have found the peace in being here and seems to feel calm and satisfied. Sunbathing, just sitting on a bench, the balconies, taking care of their small green spots.

Beside some workers around, there’s probably not many visitors who doesn’t live here or happens to know someone in those hidden backstreets. I believe outsiders rarely take their path to places like these.

It’s actually sad. It’s really fascinating and exciting walking around totally unaware of what to be found, just a few blocks behind the common paths. Walking forward intuitively in any direction. Not that you probably will find anything fabulous fantastic behind any corner. But the excitement of never been there makes you curious.

It’s like being an adventure tourist beyond the mainstream. Nothing is served, no attractions to numb your lack of imagination, nothing superfluous, simply same but a different everyday life behind the scene that makes you think from different point of views. Giving you perspective and distance to yourself and your own life.

I often use to imagine – what if I lived here, that I do. Sometimes I use to imagine that I don’t live where I live. What do I see, what do I feel. It may sound stupid ridiculous, but I find it very pleasing and fun to imagine like this. Especially when I feel a boring mood. It’s like injecting new life.

In many ways my mindset on photography have started to change somewhat. It have been going on for some time now but I haven’t really understood what I feel. Today I think I have found it and what to do with it.

I’m not supposed to make photo walks – I’m supposed to get out and discover the simple world and make photography whenever my intuition feel a photography. Not going out to make some photos.

Same, same but different you may think. But for me this is a big difference. It’s more a relation to my camera as an imaginary friend with who I share my experience with. Not just a thing around my neck that make pictures.

But of course, a camera is a very good companion and a reason while moving around. It makes you see more and the moments you catch will never be alone in the depths of your own fading memory.

A sunny summer day that ended with some nice simple barbecue and ice cold beer in our simple little backyard garden. Somewhere behind the regular streets where others dwell and never see.

Lost and Found

Two of me had an argue about what to do. I wanted to get out and make photos. The other one of me wasn’t in the mood and wanted to just be lazy. All of a sudden I just took my camera and went away.

The other me got quite confused and the whole me was soon quite disoriented about what to do. Shit! My motivation just disappeared.

I walked through the train station. I kept on walking through the big chaos of “Nordstan”, a gigantic complex together with thousands of shopping horny people. Panic!

Tried more open space of crowds and took my head up the avenue. Fuck of shit. I began to feel sea sick.

My motivation was totally lost. I think I’m allergic to humans for the moment. At lest in crowds. All I feel is confusion and paralysed. It’s probably a cause of my insistent headache I have had lately (fuck migraine). It makes me ridiculous tired and I get exhausted by the most simple tasks. Especially when involved into heavy intensity of impressions.

I though I was in shape for this and just needed a little kick in my ass to tune in. But obviously not yet. I was hopeless tired now. I needed a quick fix and took my mind for a calming reset into a park.

In the middle of Gothenburg you’ll find a lot of green spaces. That’s nice. Trädgårdsföreningen – the Garden Society of Gothenburg, is a particular nice recreational space to visit when you feel fed up with the streets.

What a relief and slowly I began to feel small spots of intuitive inspiration in my mind to make some photos. But my other half was dead tired so I never really had the energy to stay focused. It takes two of me to stay clear and alert.

It felt better than ever to be back in same old Mölndal I see every day and I really enjoyed my time on the bridge while waiting for the bus to take me home.

Later on I made my time post processing my shots for the day. And I have decided to give VSCO a try (the app). All photos here are post processed in VSCO. The reason is not only about curiosity, I really like some of the filter settings VSCO offers. I have used VSCO from time to time before but when you get used to Snapseed it’s really hard to leave it.

One Big Annoying thing with VSCO so far is that it crached a couple of times during my post processing. I absolutely hate such behaviour.

I’ll be back with more about VSCO and what I think.

Kvarnby gathering

Swapping the less with more (compared to yesterdays backstage walk). Although not really the same kind of more, as in crowded intensity in the middle of the regular modern world.

Kvarnby, in pure Swedish translation Mill village, is an old historical area in the city of Mölndal. A very quaint and unique place that have managed to survive demolition in favour of modern remake. Most of the buildings are culture protected today, even the smallest outbuilding.

The roads are small, the buildings are close, very close, and the area is very hilly. Not much open space. Still this place breath a strange feeling of mindful calmness even when you crowd it with people.

Usually this is not a very well visited place. Probably mostly people who live here and locals who just feel for a refreshing walk in the old backyards of Mölndal. It have not even become that usual tourist trap that usually happens, yet.

Today it was a gathering day with flea market and other happenings. A very popular happening that attracts the locals to join and walk around and eat, and maybe buy som cheap crap… sorry but it is mostly crap. But fun to look at.

I think the really big thing for most is just to come and be here and not the flea market itself. And of course, a reason to eat. Food trucks are vey popular and people seems to love this way of being served and eat. So am I.

Some nice hours spent of the day, even if in the big whole not very impressive at all. Nothing I expected anyway and not the reason we came. The big profit in this kind of gatherings is just to join the world for a moment without any superfluous reason but to be and walk and look around.

Making photography was not my primary reason to bring my camera with me today. But a reason if something would happen to pop up in front my mind. And it usually always do.


Those I saw, those who saw me. Those not aware, those I not aware of. Where we was, when, how, why, what. Everything connected.

In the centre of it all. Tick and Tock and the atoms move.

Nothing but a moment once in a lifetime, just like any day. What’s the difference in the water flowing through the life of the river.

A river without its water is different. It’s the water that makes difference. Life is what happens while you wait.

Life is like water, be like water.

Flow your soul

An intuitive trip without destiny but where to go and then…
Kållered, Mölndal. May the third twenty seventeen

A quick walk back and forth in Mölndal

Got restless. Took my camera and jumped on my bike. Not far. Mölndal city is only five minutes away. Actually a not a very inspiring town for street photography. Except the bridge.

This place is absolutely great for shooting street photography. Especially when the sun is low in the evening. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to shoot colour or black and white. The colours are fun here when the sun shine through the colourful spots of glass. Still experimenting with what and how to do with these colour.

So I took the settings for colour.

But at the end many photos became monochrome back home in the post process. Sometimes black and white just feels better for some reason no matter how nice the colours are. Sometimes colours was what gave me the right touch. Feelings of the mood (for the moment) goes first, always.

Remembered trying to use the flash this time. Three gentlemen in a flooding backlight. It would have been impossible without the flash. They seemed nice and laid back so I asked. Not an obvious reaction but a couple of seconds after I asked nicely they lowered their guard and invited me to make a photography. Afterwards they wanted to take a look and made a pleasant laugh, very satisfied with the result. Then we had a short chat. They wondered if I was a journalist or so.

This was the one and only street portrait for this walk. It wasn’t my plan at all. I really didn’t expected that much at all actually of this spontaneous ride and small photo walk. I think my focus was on lights and shadows mostly when I arrived. My shadow included, I love to shoot my own shadow.

I actually made an attempt earlier today, on my way home after work. But I only made to shots. Then I lost my mind.


I like to look around where I live for things to make photography. To walk or take the bicycle and randomly go wherever I feel to and explore. You always find something to shoot and having fun with back home when post processing what you’ve got.

Thats two in one for free. Travel and exploring inside out.

Exploring your local area where you live can if you want to, be more interesting than you think. But if you expect awesome moments and exotic scenery you will probably be disappointed. At least if you live in a smaller place where everything is more or less average.

But if you were a visitor from another place you would probably think it was a little more exciting. Maybe not fancy, but different enough to catch your curiosity. As soon things around you becomes different it suddenly gets a lot more exciting to explore and look around.

Pretending to be a tourist in your own hometown is an excellent way to widen the same old shit into more than the same old shit that you almost have made invisible.

Next step is even more exciting. Pretending to be an adventure tourist and go to places you normally never or rarely visit. Then, take it to the next level – pretend to be someone else. Someone from another culture for whom everything is new and exotic.

I remember once when I used to work in a big restaurant and when I got bored. I started to pretend that I was on a huge spaceship in deep space. Half of the crew and guests were either humans or aliens from different worlds that came to eat. This actually worked very well to withstand the more heavy levels of boredom. Totally crazy stupid but better than digging holes.

All to often we tend to shrink our daily life we live in. Moving in the same patterns day after day. Not strange that things easily becomes like same shit as yesterday. After a while you will not see the trees for all the trees.

After a while the soul in things decay and make you feel dissatisfied. You are the killer and the world around you is the victim. You want to escape and search for satisfaction in expensive travels and consumption. If you get stuck in lack of possibilities you may fade to grey or get struck by destructive anger.

But the soul never was in the things you killed. They were a reflection of yourself.


Akilles and street photography courage

I think I have started to understand some (more) things about me myself and I and street photography. Like, oh my, I have a lot to learn and practice. Like where to walk and begin when you hit the streets. I thought warming up and slowly getting closer in a kind of stealth mode was a good idea. Focusing more on objects and open space where people may “happen” to get caught.

Like when I first started some months ago and was shooting pigeons to feel more comfortable with my camera surrounded in crowds of people.

But not. This strategy doesn’t work anymore. This workaround is definitely only slowing me down and makes me think too much. What I think I need is chock treatment and just start shooting and don’t reflect a shit. I’m too worried about others reaction. Not worried as in worried what they may think about me stealing their face.

My worries are their feelings that I may cause them to feel when I point my camera at them. I don’t want to feel responsible for eventually making other feel uncomfortable. My own mood and comfort I just care less about. I actually think I would handle an upset reaction without big issues. I think I suffer from to much compassion, but not in a logical sense.

So I really need to work on this habit that occupies my mind and instinctively makes me avoid what I’m supposed to do. I mean, whats the meaning of street photography if you instinctively try to avoid the situation. Compassion is basically nothing but a really good quality, but to much only cause problems with yourself and of no practical use, for anyone.

Beginning too safe and gently is a delusion that only feeds and strengthen this behaviour. What I need is the complete opposite, a slightly knockout. Something that makes me stunned and then wakes me up less careful to take the fight.

Fall seven times, rise eight.

This is my first serious and only assignment I hereby need to work at and to conquer. That includes to make loads of shitty photos and don’t care about what I shoot. Just shoot and shut up to get in touch with my photographic ego and behave instinctively instead of hesitating and stop feeling others imaginary feelings.

Today I was really pissed at myself and my inability to achieve anything of interest. For an hour or so I just walked around like a lost fool. Happily I was able to put myself together fairly enough after a while. And enough to actually capture some nice shots that made me satisfied. I’m not welcome home before at least a couple of decent shots.

Even if I know that most people won’t bite, either with their eyes, mouth or probably never physical. I hesitate just because of this vanishing small insignificant role this split second of a lifetime plays. People are interacting with feelings all the time, this is nothing but one of millions of interplay between humans that occurs every day, just by seeing each other.

So shut up and shoot. There’s nothing to be afraid of but yourself (myself – I’m talking to my self here. But feel free to feel the same).

I actually had one accidental full confrontation today. And it ended very nice. A woman that was taking a photo of her dog and both was looking at the phone in between them. Of course I just missed the moment in a blink of an eye. And in that same second she saw me and turned around. It went a photo of that instead. A nice shot in another way. I felt guilty and needed to explain myself, and said that they looked so nice together in this moment that I just had to make a photo of it. But she didn’t knew that I just missed it.

She smiled and just said ok without any trace of unpleasant feelings about that, rather satisfied by my attention. Afterwards I regret that I didn’t asked for permission to make new shot of what I actually wanted to catch. But I just got so pleasantly surprised that I never thought about it. I really needed this opening. So I say thank you destiny for this nice moment.

This also proves the extended quality and deeper meaning and aspects of street photography. That street photography is, or can be so much more than just taking photos of people – the actual meeting. Eye contact, body language, face expressions, comments, questions. What scares you most may actually be what enlighten you most. Probably sometimes more than the making of the photo itself. I need to learn and understand that.

Life is full of possibilities just waiting to be done.