Growing into patterns

Every day is another day. Very simple, nothing strange about that. That’s life on repeat. This is the gravity of life everything revolves around. Existence needs patterns. Patterns are born through repetitive movements in time and space. Without patterns, we are lost. We need that same old shit to be able to create new … Continue reading Growing into patterns


Dead or Alive Solitude moments Snaps of life Peaks and valleys I have always had a crush for the mystical dimensions of life. True or false is of no concern. What matters is the art of imagination. I like to dope the science with fiction. Expanding life beyond our ordinary perception. It doesn't have … Continue reading Dead or Alive

Kvarnby gathering

Swapping the less with more (compared to yesterdays backstage walk). Although not really the same kind of more, as in crowded intensity in the middle of the regular modern world. Kvarnby, in pure Swedish translation Mill village, is an old historical area in the city of Mölndal. A very quaint and unique place that … Continue reading Kvarnby gathering


I Wander Why

... so I went for a walk, away for a while. And it was because of my camera. It wanted to be used. And I wanted to use it. Lets go. It's a common circumstance inside me. Itching in my head and fingers, an unstoppable craving need to be creative. In the past it … Continue reading I Wander Why