Life is On

Hello Universe Just another journey through life, time and space. Saturday Mars Twenty-four; Earth Hour. Life unplugged. The stillness, the silence, the information overload shutdown. All those photos whenever wherever. All those blog posts. What’s the point? How should I know? Everything happens for a reason. What reason? As I said, how should … Continue reading Life is On

the Beast from the east and Other things

Wednesday February Twentyone; Today I had one of the most intense days at work for a very long. A half cup of coffee in 30 seconds was my only rest. My head was full of time in disorder and my legs felt like cracked concrete. Not much of life left back home. A glass of … Continue reading the Beast from the east and Other things

There are portals inside your head

Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Now have been everywhere. The weather has been really crazy lately. Snowing, raining, snowing, raining, freezing, raining, snowing, freezing, snowing, raining.... and so on. Maybe not so very different from how the winters usually behave here, but in a very fast forward mode. The scene changes quickly. … Continue reading There are portals inside your head