New Dawn

Or just another day in a life. Friday Mars Twenty-three; However, time to make room for new bristles to shave before it becomes a beard. I’ve never learned to be a buddy with a beard. I’ve tried but we never connected. My little soul patch is my only bling and partner in crime. If you … Continue reading New Dawn

Three days and five weeks

Five weeks since I quit my tobacco addiction (Swedish snus/snuff - General Mackmyra was my favorite). I can still feel it, oh my love, but no. We can’t kiss again. Friday, February Nine. Winter has finally found us, not much snow, just cold. On my way to work … Continue reading Three days and five weeks

Interloper Colour me crazy. Blame it on the weather. Yes! Probably the weather. The world has been quite dull and desaturated for some time here. I think something inside me wanted to fuel my head with an overdose of colors today. Back onboard my “ship”. My parallel-universe-time-machine. But … Continue reading Interloper