The End is near

And it feels like the end is using everything left over in this struggle. It has been more winter the last two weeks than the whole dark half of the year together. All kind of versions. All in before I leave, said winter and closed the door. Meanwhile, we do what we use to do … Continue reading The End is near


Don’t be afraid of the Selfie

Whenever you feel for it, make a selfie. But I think it's a quite good idea to think, if you tend to do it very often. Not at least take a look back in time and make some thinking about what you see - except yourself. Making selfies doesn't mean that you need to share … Continue reading Don’t be afraid of the Selfie

17.864 street steps at the end of April : part 2

Same day, same procedures as in last post. Too many photos in one post I thought and to many words. So I decided to divide them in two. Just like I am from time to time. Part one of this one in two post is here >>  From now and then I can be more … Continue reading 17.864 street steps at the end of April : part 2


My choice of camera

I'm happy with my choice of camera. It makes me pleasantly satisfied and inspired to make photos just by its presence, just looking at it and feel the camera in my hands. Actually just hang it around my neck and wear it, as an accessory, makes me happy. It's probably not just only because of … Continue reading My choice of camera


Mölndals Bro and my first walkaround with my Fuji X100T

Yesterday I went out for my first walk around with my X100T to get to know it and get a glimpse of how my settings worked (good choice, today it rains and snow)). No major expectations but whatever than that and nothing more complicated than just a visit around the corner (almost) - Mölndals city, … Continue reading Mölndals Bro and my first walkaround with my Fuji X100T


Fuji in the bath

Some take a bath with their rubber ducks. I take my camera. My first shots with my X100T - it have to start somewhere. I'm not a stranger to use myself as a model. Not very easy all the time, but I have no problems to do what I tell me.    


Welcome home X100T

So here it is now. My new camera. It was a very long time since I had a "real" camera. I'm actually a bit lost after been far away for a long time from the more high end of digital photography. Not the photography itself and the basic stuff, but the technical part with loads … Continue reading Welcome home X100T