Spaceship Mars

Fasten youre seatbelt. Get ready for a ride. It’s cold and so am I. Thick in my throat, sneezing, flows from the nose and feeling dull. And it feels like we move forward in the wrong direction. The closer we get to spring the colder it becomes. I can’t remember … Continue reading Spaceship Mars


Surfing the days of foam

  Funny... how the connection between a camera and life around seems to changes how you see and think. Both now and back and forth in time. Not so very radical, more like sliding your hand on the surface of the water in an interesting way. And the more I get involved in my contemplation about life … Continue reading Surfing the days of foam

Three days and five weeks

Five weeks since I quit my tobacco addiction (Swedish snus/snuff - General Mackmyra was my favorite). I can still feel it, oh my love, but no. We can’t kiss again. Friday, February Nine. Winter has finally found us, not much snow, just cold. On my way to work … Continue reading Three days and five weeks