Where are we now is not only a wonderful song by David Bowie. It’s about life. Smike of life photography.

My name is Mikael Stenström, but I usually nickname myself  Smike. I’m from Mölndal on the west coast of Sweden, tightly attached to Gothenburg, the next biggest city in Sweden.

I see myself as an artist rather than a photographer, and I’m a pure amateur doing my thing for love and therapy.  In these days I use either a Fuji X100T or my iPhone when I make photos .

Once upon a time, it was a Canon 300D (Rebel). I have been going through a couple of different compact digitals and before that a couple of analog SLR Minoltas.

My real photo adventure started shooting monochrome, developing and making my own photocopies in the early eighties. Sometimes I dream myself back. It would be nice doing some analog shit again. At least shooting with film again.

Before that, I often borrowed my mother’s Kodak Instamatic and have probably been making photos since I was about ten years old.

What I prefer to shoot have changed somewhat through time. What I hadn’t been shooting and experienced that much when I bought my Fuji and started this blog was street photography.

Probably mostly because the thought made me feel quite uncomfortable and not the very best self-confident. Still, always been somewhat curious in the genre.

But all of a sudden sometime around the beginning of 2017 I suddenly started to feel a craving lust of trying street photography. This was something that came from almost nowhere after a very long break in my photography.

I was just leaving a more than two year long creativity eruption of drawing and painting like a beast and felt a need for a break doing something else.

In many ways, when I look at it and reflects over this whole situation I have started. This whole thing – challenging myself to do something far beyond my comfort zone. Street photography, starting this blog and additional, in English, which is not my native language (and mostly self-taught). The more I think about it, the more I realize that this is hardcore self-therapy and half unconscious project.

It’s like I’m trying to prove myself something I didn’t know I dare to do. So far I feel surprisingly fearless, totally unafraid of failure or feel stupid.

By the way, sorry if my English sometimes may harm you (well, I’m actually not sorry at all).

Contact: If you feel any kind of need to contact me. Send me a mail to > smike66(at)icloud.com – with an @ instead of “at” of course.

You will also find me on Instagram@smike66

And Tumblr as well, almost the same except barely no words – https://streamstone66.tumblr.com/

Wu Wei – Mikael “Smike” Stenström – Don’t panic!


So long and thanks for the fish ::..


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Mikael Stenström / Smike66