Where are we now is not only a wonderful song by David Bowie. It’s about life, and this is me following the invisible rabbit.

Smike of life photography

I see myself as an artist rather than a photographer, and I’m a pure amateur doing my thing for love and therapy.

2017 – the year of revival. One year of rebirth. After a long timeout from photography, except small creative eruptions in between, all of a sudden, I was hit by a craving lust for photography again. And got the idea to take aim at street photography. I have no clue where this idea came from. But it hit me hard and I couldn’t resist it.

I was exhausted after a two-year crazy intense creativity art explosion, drawing and painting ridiculous amounts of artwork. Loads of canvas and papers all over. More than the rest of my life together until now. And I loved every second until the end of the world.

I have always been and will always draw and paint. In periods. Just like photography always has. Sometimes more, sometimes less. When I was a kid I used to borrow my mothers Kodak Instamatic. In my teens, I bought my first “real” camera and soon I had a complete darkroom, in our wardrobe, between the clothes and stuff.

Since then I have been through a lot of different cameras shooting just anything between cityscape, objects, nature, details and lot of experimental mashups. But never much street style photography. So this was a huge challenge to take aim at.

From not very familiar, exploring this genre, I have continued to explore my photographic relationship with the world. And today I like to blend my past with the present and mashup things in any direction I feel for. I’m actually not very careful or consistent about my style at all. If forced to define my style I would like to call it intuitive art between street-ish, urban-ish and whatever.

I really don’t like all those in between crossover same same but different definitions of genres. And I don’t want to get stuck in any specific style or genre.

In time I realized that street photography actually is a myth and more about a sense of coherence with an extremely wide range of influences from anywhere everywhere.

But this street thing with humans somewhere in the center of it all definitely owns its throne as the heart of the genre. This intuitive candid soul of street photography has fertilized me with loads of curiosity and courage. Thank you, strangers, in streets for being there making me taste my own imaginary fears, finding new paths in my brain. Curiosity never killed the cat. It evolved its intuition and instincts

Street photography is challenging, scary, exciting and fun, therapy, philosophy, and poetry. Full of surprises and spontaneous moments. Makes you feel the world from a slightly different view and change the way you see and think.

I seldom travel very far. Mostly all of my photography is made in Gothenburg and my hometown Mölndal, and around.  By the way, sorry if my English sometimes may harm you, I’m a self-taught Swede (well, I’m actually not sorry at all).

Follow the invisible rabbit…  Mikael Stenström aka Smike;)



If you feel any kind of need to contact me. Send a mail to > smike66 @ icloud.com

You also find me on Instagram@ smike66

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