Inbetween days

When life flow like water between your fingers. Seems like a waste of time, nothing to catch.

But you are wrong. Can’t you feel the smooth nice feeling in your hands when the water runs through fingers and touch your skin.

Life is everywhere and never bored of being so. You just need to discover the details that make it.

Blinded and killed by the superfluous. Dreaming of entertainment to excite you and feel good. Everybody hunting the need to feel great to be real.

Reclaim the speed of life. Wait, wait… wait. Watch, listen, smell. Can you feel it. It’s life.

It’s happening again. Don’t try to catch it. Let it flow, slow down, open your mind and it will catch you.

it’s happening again


Don’t be afraid of the Selfie

Whenever you feel for it, make a selfie. But I think it’s a quite good idea to think, if you tend to do it very often. Not at least take a look back in time and make some thinking about what you see – except yourself.

Making selfies doesn’t mean that you need to share every one you make. You can save them for a rainy day ten years later.

Do you make selfies because you love yourself? Probably, why else would you make selfies. But what do you love about yourself? Love can come in many shapes.

It can belong to a moment of lust for life.

Selfies are images of your mind. Unaware of that you probably are the only one who can see you feel it.

Just a selfie on the surface of the sun. We need the sun. It makes the moon shine at night.

There are some features in the camera I have never used, like double exposure. Dynamic Tone, Partial colour, Miniature, Toy Camera and some other filters.

I was bored and asked myself – do you wanna have som stupid fun? Stretch your arms and shoot your selfie.

Some people hate selfies. Don’t bother their pain. I think selfies are good for you. It’s like talking to yourself, or having arguing monologues with yourself.

Selfies can be negative and selfies can be positive. Just like opposites of life. Selfies can make your world shrink or expand. Just like your lungs.

But either can exist without the other. To much of either creates dysfunction, more or less, sooner or later. Just like to much sugar or too little rain. Everything moves in cycles back and forth between the edges of the extremes. Trying to find the perfect balance – the dance of life.

Sometimes it happens that the balance fails and the dance gets fucked up and stuck at the edge. But life is self balancing by nature creating new ways of how to move.

Life wants to be free. Life like to change. Follow your life. Release your soul.

What I try to say – be aware of your selfietime and don’t take it too seriously. Use it wisely and foolish like a playful child. Dare to challenge yourself and make your flaws shine through.

Don’t make selfies to please others. Make selfies to please yourself. Nobody is probably interested in your selfies anyway.

So why do we care to share our selfies? Because that’s the point with selfies. We don’t care, we just want to share. Not need.

Time to inhale and blow your mind.

Fu*k this was a stupid post. But it was fun and satisfying making it for no other reason than just doing it. This is hardcore therapy.

And remember – Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde).

And if you don’t remember, selfies can be a nice document of your face when you were young(er).

Grow up man, buy yourself a hat! It didn’t work. So I bought a hat.

Square of Split Identity

*uck continuity

I have been writing quite a lot about finding some kind of personal identity and continuity in my workflow. Something to rely upon as my style. For some days back in time now, I think I finally have found it.

I am not going to get stuck in any style at all. I have found that I actually don’t want to. Why? Because some people assume it’s important to find a style that identifies your personal style? Why?


So be it, if it’s so it is to be


I don’t *ucking care.

Sometimes I feel like this, sometimes like that. That’s my style. I will go on do what my intuition tells me to do with my photos. Two of almost same, same but different shots may feel like two different dimensions of space time. And I will treat them thereafter, just as I feel. Not what suits best in the name of continuity and consistency.

And I’m very happy and relieved with this insight of what I want. Finally I can let go and go on doing my thing without hesitation and stupid rules to follow. Of which I never felt satisfied in thinking that I need to have, because I haven’t found and seems to never do.

I may be lost. Ok, I am where lost is and this is how lost looks like, and I actually like to be lost. Lost is my home. Therefore I can impossible be lost, or fail to find where or what to be. As long as I follow my heart and soul – the only real home.

Stuck in patterns you need to repeat to meet others expectations? Time to break the laws of your captured mindset. Is your style really you. Or is it what others expect?

By the way

This is Frölunnda Torg – Frey grove square… (ok, that was a strange attempt of translation, impossible to translate). As you can see, no grove actually, not even a square. Frölunda is the name of this suburban district of Gothenburg and here you’ll find a huge shopping centre. Surrounded by large residential towers but also a lot of nice open activity and green space in between.

Got the idea to get here today. I don’t know why but I felt for going somewhere and this happened to be my choice of the day. But not for shopping.

At first quite boring mostly. And then it continued. I really never got into the mood today, more than some glimpses. But never anything that grabbed any withstanding mood.

It wasn’t anything about the place. It’s actually quite nice here with lots of scenes to work. For being so big as it is, it’s actually a surprisingly calm atmosphere here.

The fault was myself. I have had some issues lately with my motivation. I feel motivated but all of a sudden it fails me for no reason at all. I haven’t found out what’s wrong other than I still have some quite big problems with my mental endurance. Followed by hypersensitivity to headache.

But I will never give up. Somewhere deep inside me, my lust is always bigger than my shortcomings. Curiosity never killed the cat. Ha!

Hasta la vista

Dry Rain

The rain was pouring down today. Good. It haven’t been raining that much lately actually. Ok, maybe some yesterday and some the day before that. But not very much.

Yesterday my head was full of Chromebook, so there was no time left for photography. I mostly missed the rain. I had motivation for rain.

You must think – what’s wrong with me? Well, almost every shot I’ve made so far have been made in sunlight, or under a muddy grey sky at worst. I feel a need for a different view. Rain would be a nice companion and mood to be in.

Muddy was how I felt today. Almost like a hangover, but without the headache, fortunately. Still very off.

Yesterday I was awake to late and woke up to early. I’m actually on a short vacation this week. Doing nothing special at all but just because I can. However, I couldn’t re-sleep even if I felt not done yet.

Time actually doesn’t matter that much right now. Good for me.

During spring and summer and some time past into autumn, we almost always sleep with the window open in our bedroom. I love the sound of pouring rain and dripping drops. It’s mindful and reminds me of camping.

Rain kind of slows down the speed of life and makes you more sensitive to your own thoughts and feelings. My mind felt a balanced connection with the rain today.

But where is the rain? Do you see any rain on my photos? No, me neither.

I made myself prepared and then it suddenly disappeared when I walked to the bus. Even the clouds partly disappeared and the sun started to shine through. My sleepy brain started to feel numb and lost.

Where is my rain? I really needed that rain. The rain made me feel in harmony. This felt like a collision, smashing my head into the pavement. Suddenly the world became same as it ever was. I wanted it to be not the same as it ever is.

My motivation dropped, so I tried to create new connections with the world to make it fit my mind. It drained a lot of energy out of me to empower my inspiration. So I got really fucked up in my head and felt like a black hole at the end.

Back home I closed down the system and fell to sleep and dreamed about colourful horses who shouted – HeellooO! just like agent Cooper. Then everything was much better.

Proud to announce I’m going CC

I’ve been thinking about it or that for some time now and just made my work available under Creative Common license. Just like that, and it feels wonderful right doing it.

Of course. I’m almost invisible and totally unknown as an artist. So this will probably not have any remarkable impact on the world, or myself. I’m not very good in SEO or aggressive enough in making a brand of my name. I really suck in those skills.

In many ways, I have to suit myself for why things are as they are. My blog title says What? I don’t use tags (yet, but I consider to begin). My posts generally don’t have the most obvious titles, and my category titles are not very optimized either. I mean Street -ish, what is that?

For me, it’s Street Photography. But when I simultaneously started this blog and my adventure in street photography I was not sure if this was my thing. And I thought that it probably would be a lot of crossbreeding off road. I wasn’t aware and didn’t had the knowledge about what the heart and soul in the genes of Street photography was about.

Today I know that Street photography is a myth and a metaphor of so much more than what the chosen name says.

If I knew all this today I would probably simply name my Street -ish category Street photography. But it has been an -ish for so many posts now and I’m too lazy to change it, and somehow I just happen to kind of like my -ish so I will keep it.

I’m aware of my choices and can’t complain about anything but myself if being hard to find. Same thing on flickr where I host most of my photography – very bad in making myself more visible.

If my photography is good enough in my viewer’s mind to be of any interest is another question. I may suck in others thoughts. I really don’t care if. I just want to do what I do as I do anyway.

Anyhow Anyway about Whatever about that.

As an almost nobody, unestablished artist with no reputation among the many names of photographic artists, it’s very hard to be recognized as someone worth the attention of any significant importance. You need a bigger audience, ego, or wallet, before making dreams out of the blue. I don’t have either (yet).

Maybe open up my he(art) for almost free can help my dream to infect the world with my art.

As long it’s not for commercial profit – feel free to download and use my work as my choice of Creative Common license allow you to do, in the same way.

Peace Love and Soul

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Mikael Stenström / Smike66

Live Today, Die Tomorrow

Live today, die tomorrow
Life is time, time is life
Life is changing, changing is time

Life between yesterday and tomorrow
A lifetime before tomorrow

Today we live as long there is time
Tomorrow we die as long as we live

Be there and don’t miss the road trip
Live today, die tomorrow

Born to be alive, not die

A walk, some shots, a meal, some coffee, some sleep. In the air. Looking at the sky, the sun and the passing clouds. Life unlimited as long as you are. The wind made a song of air in my head, whispering. This is what I heard, or felt, I’m not sure.

Riding the Ghost

Sometimes I wonder more than yesterday. Sometimes less and sometimes I don’t care.

Having doubts in myself and what I do is a common ghost. I’m so used to this company that I have become to believe in ghosts.

This ghost is like an invisible empty hole in the air. You can’t see it but you can feel the presence of it.

Luckily I have learned through time that this ghost is trapped inside a mirror and can never be real or do something you wouldn’t. As long as you don’t.

Never shake hand with ghosts. They’re fake news.

It will never be any better than you make it

It’s the most simple truth and fact. Boring is about nothing but making it so. Not the most fun may be true, but it will definitely never ever be more fun than you make it. Strangely it’s very easy to make it worse.

Where does happiness comes from?

All you need is to be aware and accept the rules of life and how life affects you. And how your own attitude to life affects yourself and your surrounding.

What goes around comes around.

Curiosity never killed the cat. It made it experienced and stronger. Failure is for pessimists. Optimists see it as a challenge to make it better. Boredom is for pessimists. Optimists see it as time to be mindful.

Either we find a solution, or we make a solution.

We need to be curious of what will happen next and what will happen if we do this or that. We need to love what we do, and not just do what we love.

We need to create our life.

My guardian angel in life is made of sarcasm, the good in the bad, mysteries, loads of cheap humour and inexhaustible curiosity. I like to cope to infiltrate the ordinary and make it mine.

Make my day

I’m bored from time to time, just like everybody else. I’m not immune to boredom. And I’m often restless. You won’t need what you don’t have to create and make things better than worse.

Don’t play dead to ignore life.

What Instagram made me understand about photography

I just got a feeling that I needed to write a statement that I want to share with you.

#whippet #dog #eyes

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From my point of view looking at myself as a photographer. Here are six things I like a lot about Instagram.

1. Don’t be so fucking ambitious and serious. Have fun and share.
2. Pros and happy amateurs participate equal side by side and share what they believe is good enough in one or another way without judging more than like it or not, follow and maybe a very short comment.
3. Moods and feelings and the photography itself in focus.
4. The lack of exaggerated and square headed criticism, technical hypocrisy and smart alecks.
5. Probably the best place to share more personal and experimental photography without bad feelings of not good enough. This is a very natural place for photographic brainstorming and catch the taste of yourself.
6. You can’t pay to get more, be more or get privileged advantages. It’s free, both to get and how to use. Famous or unknown, equal circumstances for anyone (of course easier to get likes and followers if your person is well known from the beginning).


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When it comes to me myself and I. Before Instagram I used to be way too ambitious and serious for my own best. Trapped inside an imaginary identity of me as a photographer.

I spent endless loads of time and energy in finding those perfect views and endless time of post processing trying to make those maximum perfect photos, in every pixel.

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It wasn’t me. It was someone else who made my work. Somewhere I slowly started to become someone who saw my work through others expectations.

I wasn’t there. It didn’t work very well either. Only time consuming disappointment and feelings of not good enough. I lost myself somewhere along the road.

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I got bored of photography. I got bored of fiddling with computers and software. I almost began to hate everything that had to do with photography. Except making personal photos just for fun and documenting family happenings.

Shortly after I got my first iPhone I discovered that the camera in it was actually quite good. So I started to use it more and more.

#moon #evening #sorcerer #sky

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I have always been a bit late in the go with the flow. So Instagram was no obvious choice in the beginning. It took a while before my curiosity made me open up. And when it happened. I found a wonderful new and fun world of making and sharing photography.

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In the beginning I used the filters within Instagram a lot, but after a while the little nerd of control in me wanted more control of the post process. In the beginning I used Camera+ but then came Snapseed and ever since the only photo editor I use. Although nothing wrong with using the Instagram filters, they do a great job making nice moods.

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I love the laid back attitude of Instagram and how it affects your mindset. The simple straightforward way of sharing and participate and interacting with yourself is a huge relief.

In one way, I could easily say that Instagram saved my life as a photographer. It made photography fun again and it made me find myself, what I really wanted to do and how to do it.

That makes Instagram a kind of inner guiding teacher.

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I can’t stop making photos. It’s itching inside my head constantly. Sometimes I scratch myself with making photography just to get rid of the itch. I see poetry and art everywhere wherever I am.

The world have definitely changed a lot since I reloaded my life with a camera again. I see the world in two ways at the same time now – the ordinary, and the extraordinary. I really love my new world, it makes it more of everything.

And I need to make photos of this world. No matter how insignificant it may look for others. That’s not my problem if others don’t see and feel what I do. I live here and make photos of it. That’s it.

And when I’m not making photos with my Fuji X100T or iPhone7, I post process my photography with Snapseed on my iPad. Which is just as exciting and fun as shooting.

Sometimes it’s in this digital darkroom the real magic occurs. Where you see and develop the secrets hidden in the ordinary boring daylight. Or more likely – what you saw and see, feel and felt inside and beyond the daily common granted grey.

Photography is full of possibilities.