Lazy days. Spotting shadows. Point and shoot.

It has been crazy hot for some days here in Sweden. A little bit beyond the ordinary heatwave we usually have at spring. And I love every second of it. Even if I don’t find it very pleasant when it’s time to go to bed. Shit bad sleep. But it’s worth it all at the … Continue reading Lazy days. Spotting shadows. Point and shoot.

a Strange kind of Love

Time to take time, time to make time. I think I really need to walk this path for a while. The slow beside the fast. Aware but don’t care. Breaking patterns again. Shooting, processing, sharing, blogging. A strange kind of love. But I really need this one. The walk away. Pathfinder reading a Strange kind of Love

Life is On

Hello Universe Just another journey through life, time and space. Saturday Mars Twenty-four; Earth Hour. Life unplugged. The stillness, the silence, the information overload shutdown. All those photos whenever wherever. All those blog posts. What’s the point? How should I know? Everything happens for a reason. What reason? As I said, how should … Continue reading Life is On

Spaceship Mars

Fasten youre seatbelt. Get ready for a ride. It’s cold and so am I. Thick in my throat, sneezing, flows from the nose and feeling dull. And it feels like we move forward in the wrong direction. The closer we get to spring the colder it becomes. I can’t remember … Continue reading Spaceship Mars

REaDy pOrtal On the Other side the Other way REaDy pOrtal hOme I gO a wOrmhOle is a bit like a black hOle Only different time is awesOme : it makes us eXist If you think that I have become a bit too much of strange … Continue reading REaDy pOrtal