a short trip to Germany

Two days in May – 14|15

Flying is probably nice but I hate it. Not worth dying for. I’m extremely scared. At the same time, I have strange kind of attraction to flying. I like it but I don’t want it. I hate to love it.

But I do hate airports. There’s nothing whatsoever good about airports. Humans everywhere, confusion, time killing, information overload.

Luckily I rarely ever travel through airports. And Landvetter, the airport of Gothenburg, is like a small cozy tent in comparison to what to come and other places.

They say it’s safer to fly than travel by car. Ok, but if shit happens in a car it’s over in one second. On a plane, you will be aware of your death for a very long time in agony before, if it happens.

If is anywhere anytime. Nobody knows where or when If will happen. If is nothing but an occasion on an imaginary scene. Life is a pathway of one million ways to live and die. Anything will always happen no matter what or how you do. So let’s live until you die in this illusion of life.

So this is heaven.

This is probably the reason why a part of me has a strange kind of love to airplanes – the view from the window. If you sit close enough to see the world from a different view. Otherwise not worth dying for. And this is the fourth time I fly in the sky, soon there will be five.

I’m one of a bunch of people from my work on a mission to Rastatt in Germany. Destination Frankfurt am Main through the air and then some hours ride on the ground. This became a loong day into night.

Late lift off and then even later landing. Back home in Sweden, there was sun and 28+ Celsius. In Frankfurt am Main it was too bad weather conditions to land safely. So we were forced to circulate through the turbulent air for 45 minutes before we could land. Shit that was not good for my fear of flying.

And then twenty more minutes until we could get off the plane due to an overload of planes in a queue.

And then next little shock treatment for a tired and mentally raped mind. Holy F’ Shit – Frankfurt am Main airport is crazy enormous big. This airport is like an entire city of its own. Lucky to have friends with me. I would probably get totally lost in confusion if I had to find my way through this alone.

At last in a car, calm, silent and traveling on the ground. And my first experience of the Autobahn. Very much the same as any highway back in Sweden, except the speed. I have never ever traveled this fast in a car, and probably never will again. This was fun.

And finally, at last – Hello Rastatt! Stiff in my body and boiled in my head. Hungry and tired. Som nice food and even nicer beer.

And then a good night at the “Ship” (hotel zum Schiff).

Tomorrow is another day and a meet up at a company showroom. Looking, testing, discussing and deciding things we are going to invest in for the orthopedic clinic back home.

And then repeat the same procedure as we came here later on. Oh my this was an intensive compact living visit.

I’ll be back, someday, with part two of this trip. One more day to share, stay tuned. The weather is too good to not be lazy outside in the sunny heatwave. Hard to be creative. I’ll do my best to catch up.

This is not Germany – Cheers!

2 thoughts on “a short trip to Germany

  1. I really like this series of photos. The exploration of angles and your choice of black and white. Well done.


    1. Thank you very much for the like. A reflection of how I saw things and my mood during this very short and intensive trip. Everything kind felt like a dream, or out of body experience ;)-ish…

      Liked by 1 person

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