a Strange kind of Love

Time to take time, time to make time. I think I really need to walk this path for a while. The slow beside the fast. Aware but don’t care.

Breaking patterns again. Shooting, processing, sharing, blogging. A strange kind of love. But I really need this one. The walk away.


Hide and reject, take control of my addicted, impulsive, and compulsive behavior. The little horny rabbit in my head that fucks everything it sees (and feel and think).

None of this was meant to be as it became anyway. It just happened.

Either I have done what I want or what I need, sometimes both. Mostly for reasons I really don’t know. Just do it done it and done that do again.


A strange kind of love. It can never die, only change and transform into something else. A fire inside my head. Fire, walk with me! Burn baby burn.

I don’t want it. I need it. I need it. I don’t want it. There’s a confusing conflict going on between need and want inside my head.

This is not the end. Time is unknown. Things will happen here again from time to time again and again. But most likely in a very unpredictable and unstable state.

I won’t stop making photography. I can’t. I can hold my breath but I can’t end it. Photography is an organic part of my body vitally connected like a web inside me.

And this part of my body will always find a way to keep on doing what it needs and wants to do in one or another way no matter what. Dead or alive, it will find a way to be.

Forward in any direction through time and space and everything between and beyond.


See you, take care and love to you all. And don’t forget the earth we share.

Gone fishing in the rabbit hole at the dead end


What will I find…


to be continued





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