And then…

Today, yesterday and probably tomorrow. The show must go on.

Training is what I do. Running in the naked nature (not naked). Bending my body and chewing iron at the gym.

Here I am. Conditioning my Mind, Body, and Soul. This is the show of my life. Episode 89-94 Season 52.

Photography has become something that happens on my way and in-between. Apparently happening very often. Like breathing. A background noise in my life, I am X, always present. Just as much a part of my mind, body, and soul.

A relationship that fits my mind perfectly good. Finally, maybe I have found that magical balance between want, need, mindfulness, creativity, and action. A strategy to avoid the infamous sudden death of a burning soul.

Three different things … of two you may think same, same but different. But according to me, myself, and I so very different at the same time. Workout from two different directions towards two different directions. Like a bending universe making an 8 out of time and space. And in between – Art,  gluing things together. Your body is art, Life is Art.

Mind, Body, and Soul. Everything contains a little bit of everything.

Was trail running the key that unlocked the secrets to a sustainable combination? Definitely a spicy trigger. Parallel versions of multiverse merging together into one. Evaporating umami behind the thin wall.

I still see things all the time all around me. Surrounded by photographic moments I want to catch and put in my pocket. Same, same but different. Things just slightly change like water, but still water.

The making of a story is of no importance. I just want to do, create, and perform and the story will make itself.

When life poop. I’m the bag…



My other name is Justin Case


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