The accidentally poem

I began to write. I made quite a long text. I didn’t like a word of it. So I randomly erased 98% of it and created new combinations of snippets and created an accidental poem and a deep hollow philosophy instead.


I think I try to understand something I want to think, but don’t understand how to think to understand.

This is The Leftovers

What if I told you.

Anything I want to say about what I see, feel, and think.

In time this brave new world slowly emerged.

The missing links between the elements of the unknown.

Creating images of life in my mind and a part of my world.

And then nothing more left to see. Living inside me.

What if I told you. I am


Everything you are. From the beginning to the end.

and then…

Except for this dive in the parallel pool of my mind, very much is quite normal where my physical body exists. And it seems that heartbeats, muscle fibers, and breathing slowly taking over my body and mind. Abducted by myself.



You have been warned.


Are you sure you want to proceed? Ok, follow the dots.










. in the name of art



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