Spaceship Mars

Fasten youre seatbelt. Get ready for a ride. It’s cold and so am I.

Thick in my throat, sneezing, flows from the nose and feeling dull.

And it feels like we move forward in the wrong direction. The closer we get to spring the colder it becomes. I can’t remember when we had minus thirteen degrees Celsius at night in the middle of Mars. But my memory is not that sharp, actually, I don’t bother, just note it.

remember this man ? the walking man

About time and moving. I have always had a failed crush on physics. Especially quantum stuff and alike. When I was young I wanted to be an astronomer. I have always loved everything about space and our place in the space-time.

But I’m completely fucked up when it comes to mathematics. Numbers and equations behave like anti-matter inside my head. So I never became that scientist I thought I would be when I was a kid.

Probably good for me. I have strong bohemian genes deep inside me. Another me but different probably lives in another universe.

Mars is both a time and a place, and also a God… Travel in peace Stephen Hawkings.

Strangely I have never given up reading loads of books about physics anyway, trying to understand as much as possible without knowing a shit about the language behind the calculations. I love the visual philosophy and the imaginary energy the mathematics are rendering.

And now I’m inside a hardcore period of pods and books about astrophysics. My head is so big inside me now. I’m expanding. I know more than I understand, and I understand more than I know, any other of it, I’m not sure. The problem is either of ’em is a piece of the puzzle on the other dimension of the impossible multiverse. I’m in the middle of an eternal confusion. So in the meantime, I drink some wine, read some more and think for fun and keep on traveling through time and space to wherever anywhere. And keep on making images of evidence of life flowing through my mind.

A very funny detail in this story is that my son understands mathematics better than anything else and study theoretical physics. He’s a part of who I’m not.

Sometimes I make small video clips of things. I would like to make more, more often. Maybe I will, I don’t know until I do or don’t. And mobile photography is still dominating the scene for the moment. I just enjoy using the mobile camera right now, so I do.

Look > > (there are two clips, use the arrows in the image/clip to flip to the next).


See you in hell… wtf ; )  … Just kidding, heaven is everywhere. Love you, peace and love and all that nice shit to you all. Life is big.



some may argue, putting this with the tag poetry… probably right. But for me, this is kind of poetry. Sorry, but I can do that if I want. And I did.



Shit! I hate, no that’s wrong expression… dislike… to feel ill like this. But probably just as good as pain and suffering at the gym. Conditioning your immune system.



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