Surfing the days of foam


Funny… how the connection between a camera and life around seems to changes how you see and think. Both now and back and forth in time. Not so very radical, more like sliding your hand on the surface of the water in an interesting way.

And the more I get involved in my contemplation about life as it is, the more I see patterns and signs of connections between everything from beyond as it grows deeper and deeper into the unknown.

Deciphering secrets and mysteries I open up hidden channels and become the Alchemist. Photography is magic.

— —

Funny… how the connection between this text that I wrote yesterday and the movie I just saw (Annihilation) seems to make a loop in my mind.


Wednesday Mars Seven;

Thursday Mars Eight; and then some more.

City of light up the sky.

Friday Mars Nine; Floorfiller

and then some AfterWorkWalk. Inner City Life on a Friday in Mölndal, and beyond…

Saturday Mars Ten;

Deadlifts are awesome – 125kg, aiming at 150. Heaven and hell in the same movement for your back – do it right and you get heaven.

Shiro on a crossbreed called Grima

Two posts within a couple of hours loaded with shots. This will be that for now and hope to see you soon again. I’ll try to keep up the pace of at least once a week.

Peace and Love / Smike;)


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