The End is near

And it feels like the end is using everything left over in this struggle. It has been more winter the last two weeks than the whole dark half of the year together. All kind of versions.

All in before I leave, said winter and closed the door.

Meanwhile, we do what we use to do no matter whose role we’re under influence of. Same shit every year and same shit for a whole lifetime. I don’t understand where all this energy to moan and complain about things comes from.  Yes, life is boring – in your mind, so please get lost and leave mine.

Look around… this is life and shut up. The beauty and the beast are everywhere. I’ll do my best to remember.


Thursday February Fifteen; When I need to do my things done, I walk. Oh my f… I walk. Sometimes it feels like I walk all day long. Strangely it seems that I never get tired of it. Good for me.

There are Olympic games going on in South Korea those days. I haven’t seen one second of it yet. Either I have no time to watch or else I just forget. Actually, I don’t care. They should rename it Asthma Games instead.

Almost home for this time.


Saturday February Seventeen; I met a sad lonely horse. Sadly I have no time to adopt it.  I gave it a shot and a few days later it was gone.


Sunday February Eighteen; Today, as any day, whenever wherever, I saw the walking man again. He looked tired and took a break. On my way to the land of fake-sun and then some workout.

And those stones again in this dry frozen pond. I always thought – maybe I should make a photo… naaa… and then I don’t. So this time I did.


Monday February Nineteen; Everybody loves Mondays. For those who doesn’t, it was a perfect shit-Monday with loads of slushy snow and ice everywhere. I loved it and had a hard time keep up my pace walking to my work.

I really enjoy using my cellphone camera (iPhone7 if you want to need to know). Sometimes I succeed to capture more nice and interesting moments than I do with my Fuji X100T. I just think I behave more mindful and simple-minded with a simple “shit-camera”.

Nothing that stops me from using my Fuji anyway. So I went out later this evening again for a short walk around with my Fuji to see what I could find in my mind. With wrong shoes, unfortunately. Warmer and more slushy than I thought it would be. Shit that went a wet walk ; )  But I enjoyed every step.

All in before I leave, said winter and closed the door.



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