When nothing better to say

Monday February Twelve; … you can always talk about the weather. The weather is a very wild child right now. Or anything else annoying, like coming to work five and a half hour too early.

But I was lucky. Damage done, already here and awake (kind of) so I was allowed to switch my shift without scramble the schedule.


Tuesday February Thirteen; I saw a sign


Wednesday February Fourteen; And I can’t stop from shooting all of a sudden whenever for no reason but want.

With no Fuji on me, I pick up the phone instead. And I have started to really enjoy mashing up my pixels real bad lately – as in good, as I want it.

Nice quality pixels are boring. Dare to expand your creative craziness and enjoy the explosion. Like a chaotic boiling nebula somewhere in cosmos.

Days pass by and the light in the sky slowly expands its time. Just wait.



3 thoughts on “When nothing better to say

      1. There’s probably a generational barrier to overcome with digital things, I know I hesitate to push buttons I don’t understand completely, but I won’t know what it does until I do push it!


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