Neighbourhood Mindtravels

Poetic? I fu*+-‘n don’t know but I sure felt poetic in my mind.

We often choose to go far away to find something nice to shoot. Your neighborhood seldom offers anything worth your attention. Same old shit. And we keep on getting same old shit.

After a while the entire city you live in shrinks and offers nothing but same old shit. Bored and devastated by the lack of anything of interest.

After a while, you feel like everyone but you live in a happy place. The further far away the better but here.

As long as you are sure about that and this is it, you will never find the magic that will save your soul. Too tense and bored to see. Stress is a pinhole and boredom is a blind spot.

Magic is real, it’s something that occurs everywhere everyday no matter where you are, or who you are. Life itself is magic. Magic is about awareness and imagination. Often hidden in things too obvious for us to be seen.

Life is a multilayered moment in time that occurs simultaneously inside our minds. Flip through the layers and choose your basecamp and live your ordinary boring day in life you need to deal with simultaneously as you travel far away inside your mind.

With nothing but imagination in your pockets. And maybe a camera as a company to document your adventures (helps you to keep in touch with your mood, remember things better and find new directions). Photography is therapy.

When I came back home from my dogwalk, I immediately grabbed my Fuji and went back out again. Time for a Walkabout in my neighborhood>> coming up very soon in my next post. So much more to discover and re-discover, right behind the corner. And what a wonderful day.

Seeya soon!




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