Mölndal and Sunny Shadows in January

Except for a short visit into the night some days before New Year’s Eve I haven’t been out for a dedicated walk since December 16th. I don’t do much photo-walks now, but I wear my camera almost daily.

Although not very far from home. Most of my photography lately is made on my way back and forth between my job and home. Very simple photographic life for the moment. I like it and just how I want things right now.


This today I made one exception. Life was just too good outside and time was on my side. Sunday before yesterday was just the same – a rare crispy clear blue sky, low sharp sunlight, and no wind, cold but nice fresh atmosphere. The only difference was that I was working that day and only had a short time to make some shots on my way.



On Tuesday I woke up to the exact same scenario. I had a day off, so I decided to use this opportunity and went out for a dedicated two-hour photo-walk. The lack of wind made it almost felt like spring.

Shadows, silhouettes, and sharp sunlight everywhere. I love it, who doesn’t.


I started out in my monochrome mood. That was my feeling first, just like Sunday and have been my primary mood lately. But then I was hit by a sudden colorful crispy feeling. Some even more back home during the post-processing.






I could have chosen Gothenburg for this. But I have found this slow simple world of my own little shitty city very perfectly satisfying good enough. Right now I don’t need more than this. And traditional street photography is not on my main menu for the moment. I just want to make photos of whatever.

Mölndal is simple. Less to see, more to think, makes you see more.


Most of the central parts of Mölndal is still under reconstruction. A whole new city center is slowly growing up. That’s very nice because Mölndal has never been much of an exciting attraction worth a visit without a very good reason. Like passing through on your way to another place. Quite empty dead and flat. It had some qualities once upon a time, but they slowly disappeared when the supermarket era came and killed the city.






Time for a rebirth and revival, finally at last, soon very soon. The new library is one of the finished parts of this gigantic plan, and it’s awesome. I think I have to walk this way and spend some more time in the future. The old library was like my not so very flattering description of Mölndal.


One great day, one day anonymous, one day great again. And now back to normal rainy grey again. Moments of life, some are like a slice of heaven. If sunny everyday rainy grey would probably feel the same. Have a nice day every day. Boring is only a bad imagination. Or lack of imagination / Smike;)





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