I forgot 100. Five ahead. So this is a simple happy celebration post about so far.

With this comes a bunch of shots from my second visit to Gothenburg Culture Festival, and other shots from around.

It happened quicker than I was ready for and suddenly I have made 105 posts on this blog!

And this is far, far… far away in another galaxy from what I ever expected to happen when I started this blog in January this year.

At the top, I thought maybe one post a week would be realistic to achieve if I tried hard. Apparently, I surprised myself well and truly.

When I started this idea I was actually a bit scared. Actually without a reason, because somewhere somehow everything has to begin. The feeling of open up and expose yourself wide open for the world is challenging.

My biggest fear was about making a fool of myself trying to write and express myself in English. I’m more or less self-taught in the English language – my scholar graduation in English was a joke about failure. My learning came later on from reading comics and magazines.

But I thought, what the heck. Just do it, burn and smile.

My foundation of photography and ideas of what to write about have never been an issue. And nowadays I’m much more confident in what I create – good or bad, either scares me anymore.

My writing is more problematic. Expressing myself in English through my Swedish mind isn’t very easy all the time. I often struggle a lot with my mind and sometimes I just skip some tryouts because I really don’t know how to make it work properly enough to make sense.

And I know that my writing probably is full of grammatical failures even if I try to keep it simple. Hopefully good enough to be understandable and make sense, as my sense works.

Enough of this self-pitying talk. Just do it. Today I don’t fear this drawback anymore. I am who I am and love what I do.

So I would like to give you some courage, who think and love but don’t dare – don’t hesitate. Just do it and see what happens. I still live and feel great. Greater actually. Making and doing this blog has been a fantastic journey through my mind and have made my self-esteem a whole lot stronger and bigger.

I have always seen this blog mainly as a personal journal and observation base camp for my thoughts and photography. And not to only share what I think what others may like. But it would be a big fat lie if I said that I don’t care. Of course, I care and love to be seen.

This base camp activity has helped me a lot in both evolving my photographic mind, skills and the way I express myself with confidence. It’s kind of putting things about myself together and mapping the maze of life.

Photography isn’t anything new for me. When I was a kid I used to borrow my mums Kodak Instamatic. And when I was fifteen I bought my first “real” camera – a Minolta XG-M. Back then I was shooting mainly in black and white and I had my own compact living darkroom in our closet.

Today I’m 51 and still try and learn.

But what’s new for me is doing street photography. That’s a brand new way of shooting for me. And this idea was the major reason both behind the rebirth of my passion for photography, buying a new camera and starting this blog.

And I still really don’t know where this idea of street photography comes from.

It’s a mystery as I’m actually quite (very) shy of my nature and have never ever felt attracted to even try before. Suddenly I do what used to scare me most.

Some would probably identify this as some kind of age crisis. If so, ok, I like it. And if so, then I have had crisis all my life. I will never grow up thinking that I can’t do anything I want to do. Even cut myself a hybrid Mohican and dye it sparkling red.

If I feel attracted to something never done, I want to try. The problem is never do it or dare it – it’s about wanting it.

See you in next post


: )


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