Meanwhile we dream My head is full of space So deep it never ends Is it the feeling of nothing or everything I feel On the surface Sometimes I have it all Sometimes nothing In between, time is running in circles Hiding the magic to fit the matrix Inside the beginning and the end … Continue reading Meanwhile we dream



Well, that didn't take long. I woke up and instinctively came back to what I said I felt a need to stay away from for a while. Hungry again, it seems. I'll never say what I will do or don't in the future again. I can't trust myself. Just do it, anything. reading Instincts

Random moments when life makes art

Or maybe Random moments when art makes life Art comes in many shapes. Sometimes like a whispering ghost from an unexpected direction. This is how my morning started. A chilly but good morning   When your hair style itself and a twilight moment suddenly appears   Yesterday I found something … Continue reading Random moments when life makes art

Gothenburg Culture Festival

This is something that has been going on every year since 1995. Five days in a row in the middle of August. Personally, I'm mostly there for the food and just mingle around. The culture part is usually nothing I find particularly interesting. In general, not my kind … Continue reading Gothenburg Culture Festival

Gotta light ?

  We went to where the wizard once stood In one hole I saw a dream. In the other one, I saw its dream No memories attached Only hands moving. Trying to make thoughts From within between two worlds See you in sometime else reading Gotta light ?