Follow Anything on a Pink bike

Beware! This is an awfully long post. Divided into two chapters. Many words needed to come out. I think I’m processing my mind this way. Read and look, or just look.

Chapter One

The coming to find you, out there

It’s a funny thing – your mind. Well, at least the one in my head. Luckily I don’t think I’m alone. At least not me myself and I…

For some day ago I went out on my pink Fixie bike. Yeah, I like fixed gear. Although cheap one, but it works wonderful great.

As usually, no particular direction in mind. Sit up and go with the flow. Never know when to turn left or right, straight forward, backtrack or just stand still.

It’s fun as long as you don’t need something particularly on your way to happen but whatever happens, happen. It’s more exciting than knowing where to go and what to expect. Unless you know something fantastic is going to happen.

But that seldom happens. And that’s actually good because when it does, it really becomes fantastic.

As you may understand this post was born in the same unpredictable manner as usually when I don’t really know what. I have a bunch of new photos I would like to post. I could skip the writing and just say ye and yo and share them. But sometimes I have a strange craving need of touch the letters on my keyboard and see what I can do with them.

I will begin with the obvious reason about my day and my shots. And just as I wrote in the beginning, I took my bike for a no big deal random urban exploring, in any direction.

Gothenburg is changing a lot, and more to come in the future. Construction and reconstruction everywhere. Changes needed to be done and nothing to bother about if you live in a big city.

Everything changes, so you better cope in one or another way and collect memories while you live here and now.

I began my route on the side of which none but those who live or work here visit – Kallebäck. It’s on the “wrong” side of the roads if you say so. Not natural in any way to just drive through without a purpose. Probably nice but nothing remarkable for the uninvited.

Found more peace but not much to shoot in Örgryte, which is the natural way away if you don’t want to go back where you came from. But it wasn’t until at the end of the northern parts of this area I began to feel attraction to shoot.

Still, all way so far worth the travel. Because I never go out anymore just only to make photos. It’s for sure a nice reason, but not the purpose. The main purpose is to get out, look around discover and where are we now. Mindfulness my way.

And I have always been a slow starter in most things I do.

My favorite site for the day during this undirected trip was probably the quay of Gullbergsvass which houses a private boat society, but all open to the public to visit. I knew about its existence but never been here before.

Here you find loads of old, mostly retired, boats of all kind and conditions along the quay. Probably lots of projects never made finished, never will be finished or maybe just keep them alive and floating as long as possible, as recreation. But some seems to be in functional condition. A rough and slightly trashy place, but lovely charming. A wonder that places like this still exist.

I could stay for longer and made loads of more shots, but I was more in my passing through mood, just get what I saw on my way. I will come back someday and explore more of the river called Säveån that connects to the big river of Göta Älv. As I happen to know, there are some nice hidden pearls to find there too

I have actually never visited any of the sites I found today, except some that probably was at least 30 years ago. Like this building that once used to be a hotel.

The funny thing is that also then, the visit was connected to photography. In my teens, I was working at a photo shop in another city far away, and I was invited to some kind of reseller arrangement of photo products. Today it holds a detox unit for addicts, but looks more like it’s on its way down.

Otherwise, much traveling between industrial areas, under bridges, roads, roads and more roads, and water. In between, definitely not the most fun places to be, but well worth the trip, in between. The feeling of unknown actually makes the regular boring somehow exciting.

And you never know where and when something pops up that makes a photo.

Chapter Two 

The story of post processing photos through a scrambled egg

Thoughts, so many thoughts. Everywhere all the time. What are they thinking about when I don’t listen to them?

I think I listen too much.

And I think too much, about everything. I wish there was a switch somewhere to turn me off totally sometimes. At least a reset button. Well, I actually can, but I would like a real deep long total shutdown from time to time. Not just bore me to death (which just creates more thinking).

I’m way too confused about what I want for my own good. I wish that I knew what I wanted and could stick to a plan. But that will never happen. 51 years, and still just as curious about what if, as I was a baby who just needs to put everything in its mouth.

In my world, wrong doesn’t exist, just one million ways of different rights. Quick and effective post processing. It’s almost impossible. It Actually is. I have just learned to deal with it. Knowing that it will never be better than for the moment.

So, how many moments are there…

I have never, yet, found a style I feel that I want to stick to. That would be nice. But as long as I don’t feel anything but for the moment. I will keep on changing my mind.

For this particular moment, I went more scrambled than usually in my head. After a long fight, I suddenly got the idea of making some shots in black and white also, or instead. Just for curiosity, and I liked it.

During this process, I slowly began to feel that I wasn’t really satisfied with my chroma photos I just thought I was finished with. So all of a sudden I was doing both a remake and monochromes simultaneously.

Strangely, this was apparently what I needed to find my way home. The other one gave birth to the other one of how I finally thought I wanted it, more. For the moment, and then quickly threw away the key for good.

I like to throw away creative keys. The are awful disturbing things to deal with if you can’t find the right doors in your head.

As probably seen by those who have seen my work through my time on this blog. You have probably noticed that I have made a lot of more photos in colors lately.

It’s just something that began to happen by its own. And I like to follow my guts. Now I seem to like both alike. I used to favor monochromes dominantly. But not anymore.

But it’s some kind of love and hate relation. Colour photos are more demanding in the post process. With b/w, it’s easy to change the scene and mood. In colour, everything becomes more sensitive and behaves differently. And far more options to choose and consider.

Changing contrast and temperature, for example, is nothing that makes a uniform change that easily results in what you’re looking for, that just fits every shot you’ve made. All the colors must somehow cooperate with the wholeness to bring the mood and harmony you are looking for.

It’s harder to find a consistent flow that works overall. At least for me.

And as you know, I seldom really know what I’m looking for. Making things unnecessarily complicated. I actually suck in post processing. I have an awful disoriented workflow. I need to do something about that.

With monochrome, things flow more easily when making changes. You just have to look for how the raw light and shadows embrace each other. My guts are better connected with monochrome.

Still, I just need to do my photos in color because I want to. Probably some kind of subconscious thing going on in my head.

I will probably make a Chapter Three – the monochrome edition later on. But for now, this is it.


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