The camera I didn’t knew I had

This is actually very strange indeed. I found a Casio Exilim EX-G1, hidden in a drawer. Apparently I bought this little thing some years ago, and then forgot about it. I think it was at the time when I was heavily dedicated into outdoor training.

A lot of trail running and using the nature as my gym. Today I’m too comfortable and like the lazy comfort of being in a gym instead.

However, I often enjoyed documenting my life even then. And for this I wanted something rough. At this time my photos seldom got any further than stuck on a hard drive, somewhere.

I think I remember that I also used it during some family vacations and weekend trips.

But I don’t think I made that much photos with it. The mobile functionality evolved and I found the ease of using the mobile for photography instead (it seems that the rough need wasn’t that needed).

It can also be so that I began to grow an aversion against computers during this time and made as much as possible with my phone instead and finally forgot it. I have no other clues of why I finally put it away and forgot it.

I better search through some of my old external hard drives one day, to see if I can find what I have made with this camera. I’m curious. But not today and not tomorrow.

Right now I’m more curious about just using it and see what it’s capable of and the feel of it. So this day I was carrying it around all day and used it sporadically during a quite lazy day. And this is what I got.

My choice for this post, however. Was post process them all into rough, moody black and whites. Just because I got that feeling.

I really like its design. Very easy to handle, light and ridiculous compact, but surprisingly easy to use even with my big hands. This camera easily disappears into any pocket almost unnoticeable. Or just let it hang around your wrist without any big distraction.

In many ways, a perfect casual everyday every time shooter. Fast focus and no significant shutter lag to bother about. Ok, maybe not an action sports camera.

What I find especially nice about the camera is that it’s water resistant. Meaning I can get out in any horrible shit conditions without caring a shit in return. Even take a dip in the sea. Yeah! It would be fun discovering underwater footage. Hope the seals still are fresh and resistant.

It definitely has potential of being a fun favorite as a complement to my iPhone and Fuji X100T. So far I like it. But I will probably only use it when I want to get out and shoot in bad weather. I mean, two is more than enough for my regular shooting.


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