Never ending story of life

Another day of reasons.

I’m going to fix my eyes with lenses. I really hate the feeling of glasses on my face. After four years with eye glasses, I’m done. I will never adopt the unnoticeable feeling of wearing them. Always less or more disturbing.

Poor eyesight can give you a migraine. But the uncomfortable feeling in your face is a worse trigger.

Nowadays I actually never use them unless I absolutely need to, like when reading and watching a film or so. And of course, when I’m at work. In the distance, I prefer to see the world in a free relaxed blur.

Before and after the visit to the optician. Later on, another trip to meet my wife after work for dinner. A good reason to hang the camera around my neck for a walk around my little hometown of less significance.

But that’s something you only have adopted to believe in because it has become a part of the invisible everyday life not worth your attention.

Just same old shit.

I have slowly become to like this same old everyday shit more and more. My camera has become my guru and hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. I look at my everyday surroundings as a theater. Mostly with a slightly surrealistic twist.

And you, and I, are a part of this never ending story. The story of life.

I don’t only make photos any longer. I also make my life.

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