Took the long way to buy me a mouse. Need one for my laptop. I have never been a big fan of using the touchpad. Unless just scrolling and some clicks are all that’s needed.

So stupid small thing, time better spent buying online. But if you can combine it with a good reason, it’s worth more than the reason itself.

Or was the other reason the actual reason to buy the mouse while going away anyway. Sometimes you don’t have to think so much of what is why and is or not…

Sometimes another reason can be a good reason to do the other one while doing the other one.

Oh my, this is going nowhere. What I mean is, if you need to go away to fix something but are not that very motivated doing it. Take your camera with you and do the other stuff meanwhile.

This makes the time spent much more interesting. The camera makes you observe your surroundings while life is happening. At least if you like doing street photography.

At the same time, it can be a trap. Making your shooting a mission can easily become a compulsive behavior and a mental blocker. Your wishes of what you want to need will choke your creativity. And you will probably be blinded by your own frustrated thoughts and miss a whole lot of intuitive moments passing by.

I don’t say that I’m very good in mastering this myself. But I try more and more, not going out just to find something to shoot.

Aiming for other reasons while getting out shooting. Like experience the world just as it is. Maybe while on your way buying a mouse.

Make your photography into something that happens intuitively. Not controlled by forced thoughts of what to shoot.

Everything happens for a reason (this includes what’s not happening, for a reason). Philosophical, not spiritual.



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