Join the Myth of Street Photography

My days as a street photographer is probably over… but not done.

That’s an awkward way to say nothing about something. What I really mean, is that I will probably not put that very much energy in going away just to make photos of people in the streets. I’m quite tired of this game and will probably turn it into a more intuitive and spontaneous choice. Not seek it.

I will probably get out just to get out, with my camera, and explore, as I use to do. Even into crowded streets from time to time. See if I can find something whatever. But not search. I will go, to be where I am, and find what I see.

I will still aim for the heart and soul of street photography. I find the candid and poetic mood in the genre attractive. It fits my mind. But I actually find this genre quite a bit odd to put in a box of what it is. Just photography would maybe be a better description.

In my point of view, the street is just a metaphor for something more than just made in the streets. It may have been born in the streets once upon a time. Then it became a straw dog, crossbreeding and influenced by a diversity of origin. Slowly growing into a myth.

Street photography is nothing but a raw, poetic version of life.

For me, a flock of seagulls in the sky is just as street photography as faces in the street.

Street photography is like open source of our minds, without any other rules but just shoot it and make it. With whatever, whenever, however. The only boundary is something that makes photos, and the rest is about personal evolution of your mind.

Join the myth of street photography.


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