I also tumblr now

For some reason I have made myself a Tumblr blog. This doesn’t mean that I will abandon my WordPress blog. I’m going to blog on both simultaneously. Sometimes almost same, same but different. But my tumbler blog will have a slightly different approach, fewer words, more just photos.

There will be a lot of time jumping in the beginning while catching up time since my photography revival started earlier this year. Slightly different set ups from how presented here, and probably more solitaire photos in between.

A kind of in between Instagram and WordPress. I think… I don’t know. Actually not at all.

It all began some days ago all of a sudden while walking my camera, following the invisible rabbit.

So here we are.

So, if you are curious and want to revive some of my earlier photography from time to time, mixed with new shots, presented in a more minimalistic way – follow the invisible rabbit.



Who knows. I may like doing it on Tumblr so much that I convert permanently for good in the future. So far I like it more than expected.


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