Oh My! I’m with Chromebook

This is no review and don’t bother to much of what the photos of the screens show you. It’s somewhat close as I see it from here (on my pad and chrome), but impossible to make a fair conclusion about. This is a kind of hopeful happy me and personal thoughts about what I think. And very few photos.

It’s my birthday.

Not really a huge surprise. I have thinking about getting one since some time back. But not really, really sure until the last minutes of choice. Not about what, but if or if not at all.

Ok, my dream is a Mac, air probably. But it’s too far away to be more than a dream. Ok, I could wait, save some more money and feel some agony in buying another expensive machine, capable of more than i need. My Fuji X100T is enough, I can’t go on pretend that I’m made of money.

Also. I actually strive for less is more, and Chromebook feels very less is more. Can’t be much more simple, yet powerful enough to enlighten my simple needs.


I have really tried to make everything as far as possible only with my iPad. That would actually have been very nice good enough to keep on doing. If it wasn’t for the annoying behaviour when you want to control more demanding tasks that needs more than one touch clicks. Sometimes too simplified making things more complicated in the end than necessary and sometimes impossible (this goes especially for apps). You can absolutely learn to deal with it. But sooner or later you will go nuts over small annoying distractions.

I’ve got to that point now when I feel there must be more to life than this, without needing more than necessary. Mac – little too expensive. PC – ok, but prefer never again.

Chromebook feels like a potential make my wishes machine in between. And the Acer 14 Chromebook have been in my sight since I first started to think about it.

But I don’t know. It’s a gamble. I have no experience what so ever with Chromebooks. I may hate it, who knows. Till then I’m all open ready to learn how to think and do and ready for impressions. Then we’ll see what I think. I hope.

My intention is not to replace my iPad, but to have both as alternative ways to choose between. For example I have become very spoiled with the crispy clear retina display on my iPad. And I have a crush on Snapseed. So my plan have always been to keep on doing my post processing on it.

But hold your horses…. wtf!

My first impression when I turned on my Chromebook was an empty hole in my head. Shit! The display actually deliver a surprisingly astonishing quality way beyond my expectations. This machine would probably do very nice for post processing.

The hardcore calibration addicted pixelporn tech nerd will probably cough blood when reading this. But I’m actually impressed and pleasantly surprised of the image quality.

Believe it or not but the overall quality doesn’t differ that much at all from the iPad actually. The only thing that looks different is the colour temperature. The Acer Chromebook have significant more warm tone and even if I’ve never thought about it before, the iPad suddenly looks quite cold. This is especially visible in monochrome photos. Otherwise beside tonality, very look alike in comparison.

If I could choose I would like something in between. I haven’t found any settings to tweak the monitor settings on the Acer, just like not on iPad. But suddenly I became very curios anyway and made a try to do some post processing on the Acer to see how it feels and works.

The big drawback here is that there is no Snapseed app available for Chromebooks, yet. I think this is very awkward of Google to not offer a highly wanted app as Snapseed for Chromebook. Wouldn’t be that hard to make a Chrome version. Although maybe not that intuitive as working with a touchscreen.

No VSCOcam either. Which means that I need yet another tool to learn (beside getting familiar with the Chromebook). As I see it there is only one natural choice for Chromebooks and that is Polarr, of which I have been curious about before. So now I have to try it. And did.

Well, Polarr is for sure a very potent photo editor. But I’m probably to used by the extremely powerful simplicity and flow doing post processing with Snapseed, to really like Polarr as much as it is good.

I can achive far more things far more easy with far better control during the workflow with Snapseed than with Polarr. What I did like most with Polarr was the structure and fine tuning control of grain. Very nice grain.

I never got that final satisfaction with my test so at the end I saved and downloaded the photo to my iPad and made the final touch in Snapseed. That went fast. We’ll see, I may find peace and love in Polarr one day after some more datings.

The other half of why I probably will keep on doing my post processing on my iPad is that I’m really not sure of this warmer tonality on the Chromebook.

Otherwise. I’m very satisfied with my golden book of aluminium Chrome for this little time yet. Working with my blog for example felt awesome far more better and easy than doing it on my iPad.



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