Proud to announce I’m going CC

I’ve been thinking about it or that for some time now and just made my work available under Creative Common license. Just like that, and it feels wonderful right doing it.

Of course. I’m almost invisible and totally unknown as an artist. So this will probably not have any remarkable impact on the world, or myself. I’m not very good in SEO or aggressive enough in making a brand of my name. I really suck in those skills.

In many ways, I have to suit myself for why things are as they are. My blog title says What? I don’t use tags (yet, but I consider to begin). My posts generally don’t have the most obvious titles, and my category titles are not very optimized either. I mean Street -ish, what is that?

For me, it’s Street Photography. But when I simultaneously started this blog and my adventure in street photography I was not sure if this was my thing. And I thought that it probably would be a lot of crossbreeding off road. I wasn’t aware and didn’t had the knowledge about what the heart and soul in the genes of Street photography was about.

Today I know that Street photography is a myth and a metaphor of so much more than what the chosen name says.

If I knew all this today I would probably simply name my Street -ish category Street photography. But it has been an -ish for so many posts now and I’m too lazy to change it, and somehow I just happen to kind of like my -ish so I will keep it.

I’m aware of my choices and can’t complain about anything but myself if being hard to find. Same thing on flickr where I host most of my photography – very bad in making myself more visible.

If my photography is good enough in my viewer’s mind to be of any interest is another question. I may suck in others thoughts. I really don’t care if. I just want to do what I do as I do anyway.

Anyhow Anyway about Whatever about that.

As an almost nobody, unestablished artist with no reputation among the many names of photographic artists, it’s very hard to be recognized as someone worth the attention of any significant importance. You need a bigger audience, ego, or wallet, before making dreams out of the blue. I don’t have either (yet).

Maybe open up my he(art) for almost free can help my dream to infect the world with my art.

As long it’s not for commercial profit – feel free to download and use my work as my choice of Creative Common license allow you to do, in the same way.

Peace Love and Soul

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Mikael Stenström / Smike66


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