Introducing Vlog – Whats in my camera bag

This was unexpected.

I just made my first Vlog for some reason I really don’t know but just because I can and felt to do.

I’m actually not very comfortable at all in editing myself talking to myself with an imaginary audience. Not talking to an audience of any kind at all actually. This is extremely strange because everything I try to say usually get messed up in the transmission between my head and my mouth. And this makes me feel terrible stupid and scares the shit out of me. So I prefer to avoid doing that.

But strangely this felt not that awkward scary at all. Have I overcome this bad self confidence I thought I have in doing this? This was news for me. Have my street photography therapy cured this bad habit?

Ok, this is raw, very spontaneous and simple, without any preparation what so ever of what to do or what to say. Of course I’m not all that comfortable here. Still a bit nervous, not of exposing myself, but my ability to finding the words and use them correctly enough to make sense.

You have to remember that speaking in english don’t come very naturally for me just like that.

I don’t know if this is something I’m going to do that much of. I’m not much of a fan of Vlogs myself and rarely watch them. So this makes it even more strange why I just did this myself. I just got caught by a mood and then why not.

Don’t expect a follow up sooner, or later. I have no plans of doing the next one. But I will probably make some more whenever I feel for it.

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