Lost and Found

Two of me had an argue about what to do. I wanted to get out and make photos. The other one of me wasn’t in the mood and wanted to just be lazy. All of a sudden I just took my camera and went away.

The other me got quite confused and the whole me was soon quite disoriented about what to do. Shit! My motivation just disappeared.

I walked through the train station. I kept on walking through the big chaos of “Nordstan”, a gigantic complex together with thousands of shopping horny people. Panic!

Tried more open space of crowds and took my head up the avenue. Fuck of shit. I began to feel sea sick.

My motivation was totally lost. I think I’m allergic to humans for the moment. At lest in crowds. All I feel is confusion and paralysed. It’s probably a cause of my insistent headache I have had lately (fuck migraine). It makes me ridiculous tired and I get exhausted by the most simple tasks. Especially when involved into heavy intensity of impressions.

I though I was in shape for this and just needed a little kick in my ass to tune in. But obviously not yet. I was hopeless tired now. I needed a quick fix and took my mind for a calming reset into a park.

In the middle of Gothenburg you’ll find a lot of green spaces. That’s nice. Trädgårdsföreningen – the Garden Society of Gothenburg, is a particular nice recreational space to visit when you feel fed up with the streets.

What a relief and slowly I began to feel small spots of intuitive inspiration in my mind to make some photos. But my other half was dead tired so I never really had the energy to stay focused. It takes two of me to stay clear and alert.

It felt better than ever to be back in same old Mölndal I see every day and I really enjoyed my time on the bridge while waiting for the bus to take me home.

Later on I made my time post processing my shots for the day. And I have decided to give VSCO a try (the app). All photos here are post processed in VSCO. The reason is not only about curiosity, I really like some of the filter settings VSCO offers. I have used VSCO from time to time before but when you get used to Snapseed it’s really hard to leave it.

One Big Annoying thing with VSCO so far is that it crached a couple of times during my post processing. I absolutely hate such behaviour.

I’ll be back with more about VSCO and what I think.


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