Kvarnby gathering

Swapping the less with more (compared to yesterdays backstage walk). Although not really the same kind of more, as in crowded intensity in the middle of the regular modern world.

Kvarnby, in pure Swedish translation Mill village, is an old historical area in the city of Mölndal. A very quaint and unique place that have managed to survive demolition in favour of modern remake. Most of the buildings are culture protected today, even the smallest outbuilding.

The roads are small, the buildings are close, very close, and the area is very hilly. Not much open space. Still this place breath a strange feeling of mindful calmness even when you crowd it with people.

Usually this is not a very well visited place. Probably mostly people who live here and locals who just feel for a refreshing walk in the old backyards of Mölndal. It have not even become that usual tourist trap that usually happens, yet.

Today it was a gathering day with flea market and other happenings. A very popular happening that attracts the locals to join and walk around and eat, and maybe buy som cheap crap… sorry but it is mostly crap. But fun to look at.

I think the really big thing for most is just to come and be here and not the flea market itself. And of course, a reason to eat. Food trucks are vey popular and people seems to love this way of being served and eat. So am I.

Some nice hours spent of the day, even if in the big whole not very impressive at all. Nothing I expected anyway and not the reason we came. The big profit in this kind of gatherings is just to join the world for a moment without any superfluous reason but to be and walk and look around.

Making photography was not my primary reason to bring my camera with me today. But a reason if something would happen to pop up in front my mind. And it usually always do.


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