17.864 street steps at the end of April

Last day of April, and probably maybe the most spring feeling day so far. Nice day for a photo walk. Wherever guided by intuition. That’s how I like it best. Know what but don’t really what.

I have divided this into two posts. Same walk but part 2 contains more personal thoughts in general and thoughts about camera settings. So if in only for the photography, keep on and continue.

It went a quite long walk around the city of Gothenburg. It started with a distinct No! when I wanted to make shot of a cool elder couple. I haven’t got a no so far but I think it’s important to learn to deal with those moments. Getting a No – check \/

No mood killer. But a little later on when walking on a quite broad enough sidewalk for two, three, even four people. This woman just felt some craving need to bump me even if I was walking on the edge of the sidewalk. Then I got a short bad feeling in my head of this day.

Luckily things changed quite quickly to the better. First I decided to take command of who’s driving – I am. How do I want to feel – good. I met no more of this kind for the rest of this day. No no’s either.

Always one or more highlights (so far). And the one who made my day today was he who is featuring this post. So it feels good to call him “the poster boy”. Very nice and contagious positive guy. I really like those quick meetings and short chats with happy strangers.

The other one was the woman with the stroller. She actually asked me if I could make a snap of them with her smartphone. In return I asked if I could do it again with my camera. Fun short and uplifting meetings with totally strangers. I love it.

I tend to be a constantly walker. I once hade my thoughts if scouting interesting spots could be a better approach for me. But it seems not to be so. I get restless quite quickly or start daydreaming. None work very well for street photography. When walking you can at least channeling a restless mind. So walk on works best for me. And making street photography while daydreaming – I don’t think I have to say anything about that combination.

Walking is good for both your body and mind. So I walk. I work best that way.

I’m very changeable in my mind and as you may have seen I have been making a lot more street photography in colour lately. I haven’t thought so much about why. I just want to explore how to use colour I assume. And I have learned to begin like it more and more.

And sometimes I just like this straightforward simple ordinary look of a documented moment without too much need for artistic drama. And if I get a feeling to add a more moody look, colours sometimes work as an excellent extender to achieve it with even more impact than monochrome.

I can’t describe when, what or why. That’s just something I feel. Some photos just look and feel better in colour and vice verse (in my mind).

I care less nowadays about finding any style to identify me with. I feel no need to streamline my photography and I feel happily free to post process my photos as they come in mind without any glue to make them look alike.

I still prefer to make my monochrome straight from the camera and only convert those in colour when I feel that colours doesn’t add anything of interest. Sometimes monochrome just looks better.

But I think it’s good to learn to separate your imagination of seeing and thinking in monochrome versus colour. Therefore I prefer changing between colour and monochrome in camera rather than rely on that I can make it b/w later if.

That also make one decision less to care about instantly in the post process. Monochrome is monochrome and can never be in colour again. I always shoot jpeg if anyone have missed that.

I have never regret a monochrome shot. But I often find that a colour photography sometimes looks much better in monochrome afterwards.

Part two continues right here >>


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