Oh My! I’m with Chromebook

This is no review and don’t bother to much of what the photos of the screens show you. It’s somewhat close as I see it from here (on my pad and chrome), but impossible to make a fair conclusion about. This is a kind of hopeful happy me and personal thoughts about what I think. And very few photos.

It’s my birthday.

Not really a huge surprise. I have thinking about getting one since some time back. But not really, really sure until the last minutes of choice. Not about what, but if or if not at all.

Ok, my dream is a Mac, air probably. But it’s too far away to be more than a dream. Ok, I could wait, save some more money and feel some agony in buying another expensive machine, capable of more than i need. My Fuji X100T is enough, I can’t go on pretend that I’m made of money.

Also. I actually strive for less is more, and Chromebook feels very less is more. Can’t be much more simple, yet powerful enough to enlighten my simple needs.


I have really tried to make everything as far as possible only with my iPad. That would actually have been very nice good enough to keep on doing. If it wasn’t for the annoying behaviour when you want to control more demanding tasks that needs more than one touch clicks. Sometimes too simplified making things more complicated in the end than necessary and sometimes impossible (this goes especially for apps). You can absolutely learn to deal with it. But sooner or later you will go nuts over small annoying distractions.

I’ve got to that point now when I feel there must be more to life than this, without needing more than necessary. Mac – little too expensive. PC – ok, but prefer never again.

Chromebook feels like a potential make my wishes machine in between. And the Acer 14 Chromebook have been in my sight since I first started to think about it.

But I don’t know. It’s a gamble. I have no experience what so ever with Chromebooks. I may hate it, who knows. Till then I’m all open ready to learn how to think and do and ready for impressions. Then we’ll see what I think. I hope.

My intention is not to replace my iPad, but to have both as alternative ways to choose between. For example I have become very spoiled with the crispy clear retina display on my iPad. And I have a crush on Snapseed. So my plan have always been to keep on doing my post processing on it.

But hold your horses…. wtf!

My first impression when I turned on my Chromebook was an empty hole in my head. Shit! The display actually deliver a surprisingly astonishing quality way beyond my expectations. This machine would probably do very nice for post processing.

The hardcore calibration addicted pixelporn tech nerd will probably cough blood when reading this. But I’m actually impressed and pleasantly surprised of the image quality.

Believe it or not but the overall quality doesn’t differ that much at all from the iPad actually. The only thing that looks different is the colour temperature. The Acer Chromebook have significant more warm tone and even if I’ve never thought about it before, the iPad suddenly looks quite cold. This is especially visible in monochrome photos. Otherwise beside tonality, very look alike in comparison.

If I could choose I would like something in between. I haven’t found any settings to tweak the monitor settings on the Acer, just like not on iPad. But suddenly I became very curios anyway and made a try to do some post processing on the Acer to see how it feels and works.

The big drawback here is that there is no Snapseed app available for Chromebooks, yet. I think this is very awkward of Google to not offer a highly wanted app as Snapseed for Chromebook. Wouldn’t be that hard to make a Chrome version. Although maybe not that intuitive as working with a touchscreen.

No VSCOcam either. Which means that I need yet another tool to learn (beside getting familiar with the Chromebook). As I see it there is only one natural choice for Chromebooks and that is Polarr, of which I have been curious about before. So now I have to try it. And did.

Well, Polarr is for sure a very potent photo editor. But I’m probably to used by the extremely powerful simplicity and flow doing post processing with Snapseed, to really like Polarr as much as it is good.

I can achive far more things far more easy with far better control during the workflow with Snapseed than with Polarr. What I did like most with Polarr was the structure and fine tuning control of grain. Very nice grain.

I never got that final satisfaction with my test so at the end I saved and downloaded the photo to my iPad and made the final touch in Snapseed. That went fast. We’ll see, I may find peace and love in Polarr one day after some more datings.

The other half of why I probably will keep on doing my post processing on my iPad is that I’m really not sure of this warmer tonality on the Chromebook.

Otherwise. I’m very satisfied with my golden book of aluminium Chrome for this little time yet. Working with my blog for example felt awesome far more better and easy than doing it on my iPad.



Proud to announce I’m going CC

I’ve been thinking about it or that for some time now and just made my work available under Creative Common license. Just like that, and it feels wonderful right doing it.

Of course. I’m almost invisible and totally unknown as an artist. So this will probably not have any remarkable impact on the world, or myself. I’m not very good in SEO or aggressive enough in making a brand of my name. I really suck in those skills.

In many ways, I have to suit myself for why things are as they are. My blog title says What? I don’t use tags (yet, but I consider to begin). My posts generally don’t have the most obvious titles, and my category titles are not very optimized either. I mean Street -ish, what is that?

For me, it’s Street Photography. But when I simultaneously started this blog and my adventure in street photography I was not sure if this was my thing. And I thought that it probably would be a lot of crossbreeding off road. I wasn’t aware and didn’t had the knowledge about what the heart and soul in the genes of Street photography was about.

Today I know that Street photography is a myth and a metaphor of so much more than what the chosen name says.

If I knew all this today I would probably simply name my Street -ish category Street photography. But it has been an -ish for so many posts now and I’m too lazy to change it, and somehow I just happen to kind of like my -ish so I will keep it.

I’m aware of my choices and can’t complain about anything but myself if being hard to find. Same thing on flickr where I host most of my photography – very bad in making myself more visible.

If my photography is good enough in my viewer’s mind to be of any interest is another question. I may suck in others thoughts. I really don’t care if. I just want to do what I do as I do anyway.

Anyhow Anyway about Whatever about that.

As an almost nobody, unestablished artist with no reputation among the many names of photographic artists, it’s very hard to be recognized as someone worth the attention of any significant importance. You need a bigger audience, ego, or wallet, before making dreams out of the blue. I don’t have either (yet).

Maybe open up my he(art) for almost free can help my dream to infect the world with my art.

As long it’s not for commercial profit – feel free to download and use my work as my choice of Creative Common license allow you to do, in the same way.

Peace Love and Soul

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Mikael Stenström / Smike66

Live Today, Die Tomorrow

Live today, die tomorrow
Life is time, time is life
Life is changing, changing is time

Life between yesterday and tomorrow
A lifetime before tomorrow

Today we live as long there is time
Tomorrow we die as long as we live

Be there and don’t miss the road trip
Live today, die tomorrow

Born to be alive, not die

A walk, some shots, a meal, some coffee, some sleep. In the air. Looking at the sky, the sun and the passing clouds. Life unlimited as long as you are. The wind made a song of air in my head, whispering. This is what I heard, or felt, I’m not sure.

The Foam of Days

Lets start with the heavy shit first. Just to throw up some frustration and clean up my thoughts.

This photo was taken as a kind of manifestation over my hateful relationship with my headache (migraine). This was shot when just released from its prison. So, there you are.

One day almost in heaven, next back to hell. But lets stay in heaven where my head almost was in yesterday. First I made a spontaneous Vlog in the morning. A very strange idea indeed that came unexpected from nowhere. Soon thereafter I took my bike and went to Mölndal, my own little hometown for a walk with my camera.

Mölndal is a city in big change. Not only that it grows intensively a little big bit everywhere. The whole city centre is undergoing a huge remake and the epicentre is erased from scratch. Not a day to late because the city core of Mölndal have been a joke, a bad joke all too long – ridiculous boring not worth the effort to visit.

Even if I’m not actively look for views to make photographic documentation of this remake, I think it’s fun to caught some glimpses of the transformation in my photography while I’m here. And it’s fascinating to see how traces of the ongoing construction areas often sneaks in the periphery of photos made here.

Otherwise my mission for the day was just to see if I could find something along the way to shoot. My intuition decided what to make my day. I was not excepting making street portraits, but it just happened to be some.

I got about 50/50 no/yes when asking. That’s good, in two ways. It’s good to learn how to deal with the situation when you get a no and nice knowing that a lot of people out there actually have nothing against it.

Nowadays I have become very confident in asking for permission and a no is nothing that hits my self esteem. But only when I’m in the mood. When not I still find it hard to empower the self esteem I need to just do it. It’s something that comes and goes.

As usual I cannot withstand a visit to the public transportation centre, known as Mölndals Bro (bridge). The bridge that connects the divided city in two halves between the highway and the railway.

This have become one of my favourite spots. Much because it comes naturally in my way when going away or going home, either by bus or bicycle. So I always ends up here sooner or later. Again and again and seems to never get bored of doing it.

The city of Mölndal itself is after all still a quite slow sleepy and unexciting town. But in a strange way, in small doses and with the right mindset, interesting to observe. A nice place to be when your head is still not fully recovered, but can’t resist the lust to get out making some street photography.

Introducing Vlog – Whats in my camera bag

This was unexpected.

I just made my first Vlog for some reason I really don’t know but just because I can and felt to do.

I’m actually not very comfortable at all in editing myself talking to myself with an imaginary audience. Not talking to an audience of any kind at all actually. This is extremely strange because everything I try to say usually get messed up in the transmission between my head and my mouth. And this makes me feel terrible stupid and scares the shit out of me. So I prefer to avoid doing that.

But strangely this felt not that awkward scary at all. Have I overcome this bad self confidence I thought I have in doing this? This was news for me. Have my street photography therapy cured this bad habit?

Ok, this is raw, very spontaneous and simple, without any preparation what so ever of what to do or what to say. Of course I’m not all that comfortable here. Still a bit nervous, not of exposing myself, but my ability to finding the words and use them correctly enough to make sense.

You have to remember that speaking in english don’t come very naturally for me just like that.

I don’t know if this is something I’m going to do that much of. I’m not much of a fan of Vlogs myself and rarely watch them. So this makes it even more strange why I just did this myself. I just got caught by a mood and then why not.

Don’t expect a follow up sooner, or later. I have no plans of doing the next one. But I will probably make some more whenever I feel for it.

Reclaim the speed of life

Still not attracted to the big over humanised streets. I’m not in the mood for that kind of street photography at all for the moment. Not trying to force it to be liked either. Just waiting, doing other meanwhile. It will come when it comes.

I really like the mindful sleepy slow urban backstreet life behind the big scene of million faces. So much more satisfying. And so much better for my over sensitivity head being where life is going on in more natural speed.

Reclaim the speed of life.

Not many people here but few on the way back home or away. Some very few have found the peace in being here and seems to feel calm and satisfied. Sunbathing, just sitting on a bench, the balconies, taking care of their small green spots.

Beside some workers around, there’s probably not many visitors who doesn’t live here or happens to know someone in those hidden backstreets. I believe outsiders rarely take their path to places like these.

It’s actually sad. It’s really fascinating and exciting walking around totally unaware of what to be found, just a few blocks behind the common paths. Walking forward intuitively in any direction. Not that you probably will find anything fabulous fantastic behind any corner. But the excitement of never been there makes you curious.

It’s like being an adventure tourist beyond the mainstream. Nothing is served, no attractions to numb your lack of imagination, nothing superfluous, simply same but a different everyday life behind the scene that makes you think from different point of views. Giving you perspective and distance to yourself and your own life.

I often use to imagine – what if I lived here, that I do. Sometimes I use to imagine that I don’t live where I live. What do I see, what do I feel. It may sound stupid ridiculous, but I find it very pleasing and fun to imagine like this. Especially when I feel a boring mood. It’s like injecting new life.

In many ways my mindset on photography have started to change somewhat. It have been going on for some time now but I haven’t really understood what I feel. Today I think I have found it and what to do with it.

I’m not supposed to make photo walks – I’m supposed to get out and discover the simple world and make photography whenever my intuition feel a photography. Not going out to make some photos.

Same, same but different you may think. But for me this is a big difference. It’s more a relation to my camera as an imaginary friend with who I share my experience with. Not just a thing around my neck that make pictures.

But of course, a camera is a very good companion and a reason while moving around. It makes you see more and the moments you catch will never be alone in the depths of your own fading memory.

A sunny summer day that ended with some nice simple barbecue and ice cold beer in our simple little backyard garden. Somewhere behind the regular streets where others dwell and never see.

Lux Umbra :: Gallery

I am the extrovert introvert. The shadows in the sun and the air in between. The stars in the sky and the darkness in between. I am birth and death and the moments in between.

Lux Umbra – an album from flickr – click and go >>

Lux Umbra
I’m going to make more of these in the future. Categoriesed under Gallery. Feel a need to collect my photography into a more easy just view mode as an alternative. This may be a way to do it.

Riding the Ghost

Sometimes I wonder more than yesterday. Sometimes less and sometimes I don’t care.

Having doubts in myself and what I do is a common ghost. I’m so used to this company that I have become to believe in ghosts.

This ghost is like an invisible empty hole in the air. You can’t see it but you can feel the presence of it.

Luckily I have learned through time that this ghost is trapped inside a mirror and can never be real or do something you wouldn’t. As long as you don’t.

Never shake hand with ghosts. They’re fake news.

Lost and Found

Two of me had an argue about what to do. I wanted to get out and make photos. The other one of me wasn’t in the mood and wanted to just be lazy. All of a sudden I just took my camera and went away.

The other me got quite confused and the whole me was soon quite disoriented about what to do. Shit! My motivation just disappeared.

I walked through the train station. I kept on walking through the big chaos of “Nordstan”, a gigantic complex together with thousands of shopping horny people. Panic!

Tried more open space of crowds and took my head up the avenue. Fuck of shit. I began to feel sea sick.

My motivation was totally lost. I think I’m allergic to humans for the moment. At lest in crowds. All I feel is confusion and paralysed. It’s probably a cause of my insistent headache I have had lately (fuck migraine). It makes me ridiculous tired and I get exhausted by the most simple tasks. Especially when involved into heavy intensity of impressions.

I though I was in shape for this and just needed a little kick in my ass to tune in. But obviously not yet. I was hopeless tired now. I needed a quick fix and took my mind for a calming reset into a park.

In the middle of Gothenburg you’ll find a lot of green spaces. That’s nice. Trädgårdsföreningen – the Garden Society of Gothenburg, is a particular nice recreational space to visit when you feel fed up with the streets.

What a relief and slowly I began to feel small spots of intuitive inspiration in my mind to make some photos. But my other half was dead tired so I never really had the energy to stay focused. It takes two of me to stay clear and alert.

It felt better than ever to be back in same old Mölndal I see every day and I really enjoyed my time on the bridge while waiting for the bus to take me home.

Later on I made my time post processing my shots for the day. And I have decided to give VSCO a try (the app). All photos here are post processed in VSCO. The reason is not only about curiosity, I really like some of the filter settings VSCO offers. I have used VSCO from time to time before but when you get used to Snapseed it’s really hard to leave it.

One Big Annoying thing with VSCO so far is that it crached a couple of times during my post processing. I absolutely hate such behaviour.

I’ll be back with more about VSCO and what I think.