Oh My! I’m with Chromebook

This is no review and don't bother to much of what the photos of the screens show you. It's somewhat close as I see it from here (on my pad and chrome), but impossible to make a fair conclusion about. This is a kind of hopeful happy me and personal thoughts about what I think. … Continue reading Oh My! I’m with Chromebook


Proud to announce I’m going CC

I've been thinking about it or that for some time now and just made my work available under Creative Common license. Just like that, and it feels wonderful right doing it. Of course. I'm almost invisible and totally unknown as an artist. So this will probably not have any remarkable impact on the world, or … Continue reading Proud to announce I’m going CC

Introducing Vlog – Whats in my camera bag

This was unexpected. I just made my first Vlog for some reason I really don't know but just because I can and felt to do. I'm actually not very comfortable at all in editing myself talking to myself with an imaginary audience. Not talking to an audience of any kind at all actually. This is … Continue reading Introducing Vlog – Whats in my camera bag

Reclaim the speed of life

Still not attracted to the big over humanised streets. I'm not in the mood for that kind of street photography at all for the moment. Not trying to force it to be liked either. Just waiting, doing other meanwhile. It will come when it comes. https://flic.kr/p/UYrZLK https://flic.kr/p/ULLT2T https://flic.kr/p/TJZgyK I really like the mindful sleepy slow … Continue reading Reclaim the speed of life