What Instagram made me understand about photography

I just got a feeling that I needed to write a statement that I want to share with you.

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From my point of view looking at myself as a photographer. Here are six things I like a lot about Instagram.

1. Don’t be so fucking ambitious and serious. Have fun and share.
2. Pros and happy amateurs participate equal side by side and share what they believe is good enough in one or another way without judging more than like it or not, follow and maybe a very short comment.
3. Moods and feelings and the photography itself in focus.
4. The lack of exaggerated and square headed criticism, technical hypocrisy and smart alecks.
5. Probably the best place to share more personal and experimental photography without bad feelings of not good enough. This is a very natural place for photographic brainstorming and catch the taste of yourself.
6. You can’t pay to get more, be more or get privileged advantages. It’s free, both to get and how to use. Famous or unknown, equal circumstances for anyone (of course easier to get likes and followers if your person is well known from the beginning).


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When it comes to me myself and I. Before Instagram I used to be way too ambitious and serious for my own best. Trapped inside an imaginary identity of me as a photographer.

I spent endless loads of time and energy in finding those perfect views and endless time of post processing trying to make those maximum perfect photos, in every pixel.

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It wasn’t me. It was someone else who made my work. Somewhere I slowly started to become someone who saw my work through others expectations.

I wasn’t there. It didn’t work very well either. Only time consuming disappointment and feelings of not good enough. I lost myself somewhere along the road.

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I got bored of photography. I got bored of fiddling with computers and software. I almost began to hate everything that had to do with photography. Except making personal photos just for fun and documenting family happenings.

Shortly after I got my first iPhone I discovered that the camera in it was actually quite good. So I started to use it more and more.

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I have always been a bit late in the go with the flow. So Instagram was no obvious choice in the beginning. It took a while before my curiosity made me open up. And when it happened. I found a wonderful new and fun world of making and sharing photography.

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In the beginning I used the filters within Instagram a lot, but after a while the little nerd of control in me wanted more control of the post process. In the beginning I used Camera+ but then came Snapseed and ever since the only photo editor I use. Although nothing wrong with using the Instagram filters, they do a great job making nice moods.

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I love the laid back attitude of Instagram and how it affects your mindset. The simple straightforward way of sharing and participate and interacting with yourself is a huge relief.

In one way, I could easily say that Instagram saved my life as a photographer. It made photography fun again and it made me find myself, what I really wanted to do and how to do it.

That makes Instagram a kind of inner guiding teacher.

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A post shared by Mikael Stenström (@smike66) on


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