A quick walk back and forth in Mölndal

Got restless. Took my camera and jumped on my bike. Not far. Mölndal city is only five minutes away. Actually a not a very inspiring town for street photography. Except the bridge.

This place is absolutely great for shooting street photography. Especially when the sun is low in the evening. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to shoot colour or black and white. The colours are fun here when the sun shine through the colourful spots of glass. Still experimenting with what and how to do with these colour.

So I took the settings for colour.

But at the end many photos became monochrome back home in the post process. Sometimes black and white just feels better for some reason no matter how nice the colours are. Sometimes colours was what gave me the right touch. Feelings of the mood (for the moment) goes first, always.

Remembered trying to use the flash this time. Three gentlemen in a flooding backlight. It would have been impossible without the flash. They seemed nice and laid back so I asked. Not an obvious reaction but a couple of seconds after I asked nicely they lowered their guard and invited me to make a photography. Afterwards they wanted to take a look and made a pleasant laugh, very satisfied with the result. Then we had a short chat. They wondered if I was a journalist or so.

This was the one and only street portrait for this walk. It wasn’t my plan at all. I really didn’t expected that much at all actually of this spontaneous ride and small photo walk. I think my focus was on lights and shadows mostly when I arrived. My shadow included, I love to shoot my own shadow.

I actually made an attempt earlier today, on my way home after work. But I only made to shots. Then I lost my mind.


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