Sun, Glass and Shadows

What if and not much to do about it

As lust for shooting

And time is not filled with the space

I was actually in the middle of vacuum cleaning the apartment and preparing other stuff of need before time to go to work.

Lately I have been electrified by lust of just shoot whatever and care less of what. Just do it and see what I get and what can be done what I got. The post process itself is half the fun.

It’s no secret that this results in lots of crap. And honestly not even those I choose to make it is any of my most wanted. But what I like is the doing and the process. And sometimes I really like what I have managed to achieve.

It’s the creative process itself, The making. I love it and feel like a happy imaginary kid fooling around. I can really disappear deep into myself when this happens.

Sometimes I easily become mesmerised of the most ridiculous things I may find around me. In my head it becomes of great importance to explore.

I have always had a strong attraction to reflections, shadows, structures, shapes, patterns and details. And I find a lot of pleasure in playing with my mood in what I see.

For others, maybe just a wtf and not much more. But I don’t do it for others who think like that. I do it for myself and others who understand what I see, and why I’m doing it.

For you who may feel a touch of understanding but don’t see the reason. Apply this play on your regular more seriously photography…

What do you think? I think seeing beyond the ordinary make your subconscious mind more active, making your work more intuitive, reacting more instinctively of what you see around and how you compose your shots.


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