Imagine all the people

Went for a different approach this time. First, I skipped the bus and took my infamous pink bike instead. Parked and walked around, took another ride, parked and walked around, and so on. This was a nice shot of choice.

Second. I really tried to be more straightforward today and don’t give a fuck of my annoying timidity and avoid this blocking hesitation.

It actually worked better than expected this time. Maybe it was the bike ride that pushed the button. But I noticed that the flow easily got disturbed all of a sudden from time to time. Mostly when I was in crowded streets of people in every square inch. It seems to make me confused and overloaded of what to do. So I try to avoid the most crowded streets – It gives me mental constipation.

It was impossible to not be reminded of the tragic terror attack in Stockholm yesterday. A lot of heavy armed policemen and blocking cars positioned at vulnerable places. The circumstances felt awkward normally and probably had an effective calming effect on most people around after all.

Otherwise life was going on as usual in Gothenburg. It was just as lively as always. I think that tragedies like the attack on Stockholm rather makes people even more likely to go out and gathering as kind of therapy.

The weather wasn’t the most pleasant today. Otherwise good enough to make people popping up like spring flowers everywhere. The awakening of Gothenburg’s famous pulse when spring slowly enter the city.

Since I bought my new camera I have started to revive a lot of the streets of Gothenburg. I used to live here and work here, in the middle of it all and this was my natural living space.

It’s definitely not my choice of living space anymore. I like it more laid back and empty. But I have definitely started to like to visit this crowded mess of confusion. Pop in and pop out. And it’s really fun to revive old memories of places that used to be a common part of my daily life. But I still prefer the less crowded spaces.

Another fun revival is to see an image of a former yourself in a stranger. It could be me 30 years ago, when I used to live Like a stray dog post-punk/industrial/electro/goth/whatever…

This meeting would never have occurred if I would have followed my former timid personality. I have a lot to thank the heart of street photography, as a therapy partner.

This became a wide and long photowalk/bikeride tour around the city. Ended up meeting my wife after her working day for a “fika” at random cafe.

! See ya nex post 😉



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