Killing Time

Dear friend

Why kill time (when you kan kill yourself) – is the title of a song by Cabaret Voltair, from the early eighties.

Heaven and hell is just a touch away.

Two seconds of boring is all that’s needed to grab our mobile, tablet or flip up the screen of our laptop to anaesthetize ourselves.

I’m definitely not better than anybody else in how I behave when I feel bored, or as mostly often, not really bored – more unmotivated to do something. And get bored of don’t having energy to do something. I fight this feeling and cheap blindfolded solution several times every day.

Internet is easy, you can find anything to entertain you with instantly to kill the time with, and quickly find something else as soon you get bored again – in eternity, until you eventually faint.

But what do you get in return worth the time you have killed. I could easily say, not much, almost nothing, but killing time. Like a temporarily suicide caused by information drug addicted overdose.

Are we more happy now than before the internet? Probably not. Do we know more? Maybe some, at the price of more than ever seems to have huge problems with the truth and facts.

Internet and social media is actually a wonderful access to knowledge, boundless connections, discoveries and simplifies a lot of practical things. So don’t get me wrong. Internet is a fantastic resource.

But life is still just as complex and demanding to live as it always have been through the evolution. Life isn’t just a click away. And that’s the problem. We just eat what we get without hesitation. We don’t live in a time of information, we live in a time of information overload. And we have big problem to shut down the system when we need it as most.

Life is slow. Internet is life on speed, morphine and ecstasy. And we want more, gladly even faster. The need of being productive and work effectively (implicitly meant faster) speeds up things even faster and he who have been fastest and have most things when he dies, wins.

Back in reality the feeling of slow and empty makes us bored, nothing happens, not quick enough. Things needed to be done are annoying and in our way for better entertainment. So we either try to ignore it, or doing it as fast as possible to win time.

Real life is full of undone possibilities. The problem is that they need to be done. Internet is served. Real life is a DIY project.

Internet should be a complement to life, not a surrogate.

Next time you get bored, of any reason, and don’t want to do anything. Try to do really nothing. That makes meditation.

Boring is seldom actually boredom. It’s just the anxiety feeling of silence that have become an unknown shadow of yourself that haunts you. Scared of one of the most precious moments in life – silence. Just waiting to be decoded and fulfil you with a deeper meaning of life. And we do the best we can to kill it as soon it appears.

Do you dare to be alone with yourself and nothing in between? That’s close. And even harder than you may think. You will know and feel the presence when it occurs.

Another solution of the problem is to create more to avoid those passive time killing passages of life. But even then we need to learn to deal and take advantage of the sound of silence from time to time. But it’s actually possible to do both at the same time, moving like a wave.



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