the Streets are served

Time for my weekly street photography walk in the city of Gothenburg again. I think I have started to become addicted. I need to do it to feel satisfied with my weekends.

Still struggle to grow my confidence. slow growing seeds. But suddenly tiny flowers of attitude pops up for a second from time to time and I feel invincible for a very short moment.

I wish it could be a more withstanding condition and a reflex habit to get hooked on a feeling and go with the flow when it occurs. Just shooting like a maniac and finally conquer my self esteem in street photography.

But I am for sure closing in upon strangers far more often and straightforward now than when I began this challenge. Still I’m annoying slow in my startup, waiting for I really don’t know what – perfect conditions?

The conditions was almost perfect today and Gothenburg is a hell of a nice city to do streets photography in, especially days like these. Nothing but myself to blame or complain at. The streets was crowded. So I think I kind of got paralysed by an overdose of humans.

Thinking about it later on. I should use another strategy and aim for nice spots, be more still for longer times, observing more and searching less. But it’s like I’m still on the hunt for good spaces and better conditions. I have collected some by this time now so it’s probably time for me to enjoy those spots more and don’t walk so much. I think I’ve said that before…

Waiting for better conditions is just a stupid strategy. Of course it can be better, but in street photography it is mainly you who are the conditions.

It was in one of those moments, when I was standing still, leaning on a bench, just looking around me, when I saw those two boys and just got an urge of need to ask their mother if I could make a photo of them. They looked very happy, almost proud about it. And that made me very happy too.

It is situations like these that really makes my day when doing street photography. It doesn’t even have to become a good photography of it. Moments like this makes gold in your head and you feel rich.

This is my third actual meeting with strangers when I ask or talk with them. And third time positive reactions. See, people aren’t that scary as you think.

When walking forward situations occurs very fast and often disappears in the same moment you see it. To many distractions and speedy thoughts raving through your head. I’m to slow for this kind of street photography for the moment.

And if, it’s mostly pure luck of timing, and you can’t wait for that to happen all the time. If you’re not have the attitude of a dare devil that just make things happen. Like a Bruce Gilden.


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