the Awakening and Then

Days like these (free sleep until your head say good morning) you can wake up with ideas like…. Taking stupid photos of your morning routines and write an even more stupid blogpost about it. But fun making a killing time therapy of it.

I work as an assistant nurse at an orthopaedic clinic. But when I eventually meet someone who isn’t familiar with the Swedish term of my occupation, as named in Swedish, I jokingly use to say that I work as under cover nurse (this joke is probably only understandable for swedes, but fun reactions).

My morning routines aren’t the same every day. I work different shifts from day to day so some days are more fast and compact in the mornings, skipping things to later.

My mornings always continue as long as possible in the bed, with lots of coffee, and snus (snuff), that Swedish tobacco stuff you put under your lip. I’m serious addicted to that shit, and the coffee. I get up, pour up my coffee, hit the bed, bake a snus and put it under my lip and turn on my iPad. Three morning addictions, four if you count the bed.

Here I am, as long as possible. Anything is worth the stress to be done in the last second to stay another second. I usually begin with Facebook, more if, but mostly just same shit as yesterday. I really don’t know why. Eventually some look at Instagram. Reading the news to make sure the world mostly is same shit as yesterday. It’s all kind of ritual killing time while waking up to a more workable mindset.

After some five or ten minutes when my head starts to clear up, I eventually find something better worth spending time and fill my head with. Like reading Eric Kim’s blog or take aim on one of his many articles. JTinSeoul is another pleasant place to visit. Anytime of the day off course. Two personalities that inspires me a lot and two of few photographic journals/blogs I read and follow. Be sure to visit if you haven’t.

I really hate to be forced waking up five in the morning. The best wake up is the self wake up. When no bells kick the doors in. That’s the only healthy way to wake up. This fucked up idea of being forced to wake up ridiculous early in the morning to go to work is fuck in stupid.

Going to bed earlier isn’t an option and doesn’t even work for me to cure tiredness in the morning. If I go to sleep earlier it usually ends up in waking up in the middle of the night with insomnia. And even more tired in the morning.

And how fun is it to force you to get in bed way to early anyway. Fuck! My most creative time of the day usually occur late in the evening and at the beginning of the night. I’m really sorry for my f words, but I really need to hit this feeling hard.

Days like today is much nicer, even if I won’t come back home until late in the evening and the day is almost over. But, after all, sometimes crazy early mornings have its advantage. Especially when I have the privilege to work six hour a day, but still payed full-time. Early morning means back home already half past one in the afternoon. So what do I have to complain at.

After bed and coffee I usually pee, but mostly I pee, pour up more coffee and go back to bed agin.

I brush my teeth, maybe wash my face and moister it wth some cream. I have a dry face. I don’t take a shower every morning as many seems to do. But I change my underwear and socks. My clothes follows me for a couple of days or a week. I really don’t understand the idea of new clothes every or other day.

I take a brief look outside and at the thermometer and wonder how it will be today. Probably same shit as yesterday.

I’m never hungry when I wake up. It takes some hours before my hunger begin to crave. I prefer to skip breakfasts and when I begin early I usually eat dinner as breakfast during the morning break at work. I have a little strange eating routines. This is an old trick I came up to some years ago trying to find a way to resist tiredness at the later half of the day – and it works.

What’s in the fridge to bring with me to work. We almost never throw any food here. Always some savings from yesterday or the day before. Or something in the freezer. Otherwise baked beans, noodles or just anything will do in any combination.

Feed the dogs. Change the cat litter. Tidy up, fresh food and water to our Meyer parrot.

Pee and poo walks with the dogs.

Lots of animals means a lot of dirt and hair on the floor. So there’s no way to get away from the need to vacuum clean almost every day. But plug in your ears with music, pump up the volume and it almost gets done by automatic.

Nap. I’m also addicted to naps. I love my naps. I never hesitate to take a nap, even two if possible. But they are short and powerful, often no longer than about 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes as most. This is my power save mode, and I absolutely need them to not sink as a rock in the sea. I have no problems to fall into deep sleep anywhere while taking my naps.

Now it begins to feel boring. To late to get into something, to early to get to work. I hate this in between. So I usually killing time doing ether nothing at all, or do what I do with my iPad when I wake up.

Then it’s time to equip myself and go to work. I have a pink scarf and a pink bike. Otherwise I usually don’t like pink at all.


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