You only live here and now

Free your mind

Be aware, you can die any second. So take care of your life while you live and do what you love, or…

It would probably be a very bad idea if you tried to do what you love all the time to fill this once in a lifetime opportunity. It would probably be a life full of stress, doubts, agony and regrets every day you survive. Addicted to instant satisfaction to survive. Irresponsible trying to hide from every little boring thing that’s uncomfortable to face in life.

Instead, be prepared that you one day will die, or maybe lose everything, your love, friends, the internet connection…
Imagine that this could be your last day on earth, but aim to not, yet.

Try to be where life is happening while you live it. Be humble to life and make it as good as possible every time you breath. Even when things aren’t as good as you wish. Dare to face your feelings and how to conquer adversities without anything but how you think. Become addicted to live with as little as possible to fuel your engine.

Remember that life also belong to the space around you, everybody, anybody, somebody and even nobody. Your life is connected to everything around you (not only to the internet). Everything you do and what you don’t, matter. Treating it bad treats you bad. Treating yourself bad treats everything bad.

Be careful of the impact of your satisfaction, what you wish for and what you are dreaming about, while hunting what you love. But don’t be afraid of it, don’t avoid it. Just be aware of the nature of it.

Dreams are good, dreams are important. You shall have dreams, even big ones almost seemingly impossible or very hard to make true, not ready yet to achieve. But don’t force them to come true or hunt them to make trophies. Addicted to satisfaction, dreaming in panic, feeling that life is running out of time, feeling bored as soon one second feels wasted will soon turn your dreams into an enemy and grow into a monster. Make your days good enough and just try to stay close to your dreams and wishes. Learn to understand and feel what makes good things happen.

Doing what you love, wishes and dreams don’t have to be big. Make them big by staying true to what makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be fabulous (but when it is be sure to enjoy deeply). And the less that is needed to make difference, the better.

Aim for small simple things in life that makes you feel good and link them together into a fascinating weaveworld. Make meaning to life as it happens. Anything that makes you feel mindful and free is greater than wrestling with wishes and hunting dreams in a maze.

What you need to do is
Don’t   do what you love

Love what you do!

This is absolutely brilliant and life enhancing. Very different in its sentence compared to the “Do what you love” motto. And in my opinion a far more useful way to bring more than just satisfaction into everyday life.

Satisfaction is by nature waves of joy that will change into something different in the same second you touch them. Satisfaction will never be able to fulfil you for a very long time when you achieve them. Sooner or later you want something else, something more. Dreams and wishes are demons and angels in same entity. Impossible to tear apart. Just like light and darkness – one without the other is nothing. What you need is soul to feel fulfilled. Dreams and wishes are fuel, Soul is the sparkle.

Your soul is the only thing that possibly can make you truly satisfied and happy. And what is soul?

Same, same but different for everyone and everything. Even photography.


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