Sun day Saturday

It is spring somewhere in the air. You can feel it closing in. Still chilly and dull skies still dominates. But when the sun breaks through and the sky turns blue you can feel its presence hugging you.

I took my camera in the strap to the mall, in case of. But as usual it’s little to demanding for my little head both shopping, being a social company and trying to think photography at the same time. So not much happened in the camera lens during this trip. I focused mostly on getting my new iPhone and having some coffee with my wife.

But later, after a short hyper nap back home (I always get very tired after shopping). I went for another walk with my camera looking if there could be something to shoot out there. This time nothing else disturbing my head. And no great mission to find superfluous fabulous targets – just walk away and look and feel the sun and the air.

Nothing I’m unaware of, but I have understood that I probably love shadows, silhouettes and reflections. It’s less or more impossible for me to not fall into this dimensions of life.

Love and Life – Smike;)



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