Remmen camera straps

A retro designed camera needs a retro camera strap. That’s what I think anyway. So I decided to buy one. The original strap works just good, no problems. But doing its work isn’t enough. There’s a lot of vanity here.

The original strap that comes with Fuji X100T is not bad at all. But as with many straps included in the box, they’re usually have a cheap almost boring feeling. Nothing but vanity – the work just fine. But I actually really don’t like how many of those straps feels against the skin of my neck. Often annoying naughty itching. The original Fuji strap is no exception, unfortunately.

So I went for a hunt for something else to wear and decorate my little jewel with. There’s a lot of options to choose between and in the end you have to fall for one.

I fell for a brand called Remmen (simply meaning “the strap” in swedish). A choice that felt good in many ways. Made by environmental friendly produced leather from Swedish cows. By a small Swedish company.

They also have two other options made of Italian leather in cognac and black, also made by environmental friendly produced leather. Beside that they have fixed length, adjustable, wrist straps, keyring mount and flat mount.

I fell for the natural coloured strap. Not only because optimal locally made. This strap will change and darken through time. That’s the nature of leather and most visible in its natural colour. It will absorb my wear.

And the strap feels wonderful soft against naked skin. Solid but smooth and flexible at the same time. Not cheap, actually quite expensive, but not more expensive than many other brands and definitely worth the money.

The only problem is/was that the keyring that you lock to the strap holders on the camera doesn’t fit the Fuji X100T. The holes are to small, or, the key-rings are to thick. So I had to find some thinner key-rings. Not a problem, just a small tweak. Now it works just great. I choose the fixed length and in my opinion it fits perfect in length. If you want to wear it diagonal around your neck and body you probably need adjustable.

Less is probably more. But sometimes some things are worth the little more extra. I consider this being my exclusive feel good accessory worth the unnecessary luxury.

Find out more about Remmen Camera Straps here >>


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