With or without you

Nobody is interested to see your photos. And nobody care about what you write about. Still you just going on like you don’t care. Why?

Because just doing it anyway makes you feel good. This is advanced self therapy, or maybe not advanced, more complex, still very simple. It’s like something that must get out and be done. Whether someone sees what you do or not.

If someone does, it sure makes you happy. If someone don’t you are happy anyway. So the answer is – the satisfaction of doing something that mean something to yourself, not others.

If someone else happen to feel the same satisfaction in reading and looking at your photography, you of course feels humble satisfaction in that too. Everybody do that, anything else is a very foolish bad lie.

But you cannot have this as a reason if you want to share to show your private personality to the world, expecting others to see and feel what you see and feel with same enthusiasm. Those who succeed tuning in both directions are few. There’s a lot of luck and timing involved in being discovered as a nobody.

As you may understand by now, I’m talking about myself, to myself. But I think I’m one of many in the same situation. Some one who have a need to express themselves whether some one else ever will see them or not. So whoever you are, cheer up. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Just do it.

The amount of visitors I have had since the beginning and until this today could probably be a motivation killer for many. Actually barely none. Luckily I’m driven by my need to create, not how many who sees what I create.

I work here

So why bother sharing if nobody seems to care? Humans are social creatures. Whether we are conscious about it or not, we have needs to feel that we belong somewhere somehow. That we make difference, that we mean something. And we have millions of ways to show it and be seen. Some need much attention to feel good, som just fine being seen by only a few.

This could be an almost depressive post of being alone in silence. But don’t be fooled by its content.

If I want to become popular I would need to think and do things very different. Like not doing things as I personal prefer to do it. Trying to be and act like someone I’m not. To become someone who try to satisfy others with what I think they expect me to do, to be appreciated, followed, get great stats and famous.

But I am who I am and believe in being who I am whether people finds my work interesting or not. And I will keep going on as long as my motivation inspires me to do so. It satisfies me to do what I want to do. Never let stats, loads of likes, followers, lack of comments (or stupid comments) control your motivation and mud your inspiration. Be proud and patient and believe in what you are doing.

To be given ideas and influences from others is very useful, but if you have a dream, never let anyone else tell you what they would like you to do. Live your dream as true as possible to yourself, in harmony with the reality around you. Shit happens, all the time, things never always get as you wished. Things are not always as you would like it to be. This is life. Life is and happens all the time. Live it as good as possible no matter what.

There’s no reason to give up because things doesn’t become as you want instantly. It’s a reason to keep on walking forward in any direction. The future doesn’t exist yet.


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