My choice of camera

I’m happy with my choice of camera. It makes me pleasantly satisfied and inspired to make photos just by its presence, just looking at it and feel the camera in my hands. Actually just hang it around my neck and wear it, as an accessory, makes me happy.

It’s probably not just only because of the specific camera itself. But it sure help. I love the retro design, the size and the weight of it in my hands, the mechanical dials to control some of the most basic settings you probably want simple access to change quickly. And I really like to use the electronic viewfinder.

I could keep babbling on about everything I like about this camera, but it would feel more like idolize than real facts. After all it’s mostly more about feelings than facts what you think about a gizmo you bought and happen to like.

But it have flaws, like that I would prefer a more traditional “analog” lens feeling when used in manual focus mode. Though not a big thing to bother much about. It’s not needed that often and easy to find workarounds to deal with in other more effective ways. And X100T is missing an iso dial that the newer X100F have.

And as with almost all digital cameras. Heck of many settings in menus that always take time to learn and deal with quick and easy. The Q button is a nice and smart function however, making some things a whole lot more easy and effective to control (when you get familiar with the configuration and how to use it). I’m actually not the biggest fan of working with multifunctional buttons and settings in menus.

I also think that I would like to mount a thumb grip to get a more solid steady grip, even if the camera already feels very nice in my hand. But it can be even better I think. I have big hands.

In the beginning I actually was looking for an interchangeable camera system. But I quickly reminded myself of what I want and actually really need and don’t need. I have owned a couple of slr and a dslr system before. Always sooner or later ending up disturbed by the size, weight or the more complex nature in general.

I have learned and found the love of simplicity and the freedom of using my iPhone as only camera for some years now. And i asked myself when I was in my deep agony doubts about what camera to choose – Do I really need much more than a little more possibilities than that. No!

I wanted things as simple as possible, but not too simple or too cheap. Something solid with nice finish and building quality to rely upon. But most of all – something I with ease would consider to carry with me wherever whenever without hesitation. And then I always have had a vainly craving for an analog retro design. Cravings are indeed a really dangerous guide. But this have been an impossible craving to resist.

Actually I probably would have been just fine ok going on shooting with my iPhone. But after all, good enough or not. I had for some time been dreaming of owning a “real” camera agin. Something with little more control and little better possibilities. And the feeling of a camera. For me it’s an important emotional connection after all.

That it all ended up in a quite advanced and expensive Fuji X100T that is capable of more than enough in comparison of my needs may sound like a huge overkill. But so it went and happened to be. Life is strange and full of surprises. I simply fell in love with it.

Somehow I wanted a little more than just a little more than I thought that I needed. After all it feels good to have a camera you know is capable of to deliver a little more than you think that you need. Just in case. And then I like the fact that the X100T actually is a great piece of building quality worth to suffer the scary passage through my thin wallet. Although not that incredible exclusive and expensive, but definitely the most exclusive and expensive camera I have ever owned, yet.

And that can lead up to other unexpected reactions in your mindset. I’ll be back about that later.


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