When anything becomes a reason to do something

and something about nothing perfect…

Almost always feel as most creative when the night comes. My strongest moments of inspiration dwells in the darkness of the night. I wish I could feel the same intense inspiration during daytime hours as I do at night. But that’s rare.

This creativity doesn’t mean that I make masterpieces or big time assignments every time I do things into these moments. Mostly nothing special at all happens. Just doing something whatever makes me happy enough.

I often become more clear in my head when the evening comes and grows into the night. Acting more and hesitating less, easier to think and do what I think. Unfortunately it’s more or less an impossible life puzzle to make a working life of. If you don’t have a life that be what you want makes it a normal circumstance. It’s a strange mystery why I seldom feel this creative energy at same level during daytime.

Happily I’m either bitter or bother anyway after all. Why do that, it won’t help you to get more happy chasing dreams seemingly impossible if you know (think) that you’re not able to catch them anyway.

So what do I do about this disturbing impossibility? I just cope with the circumstances and try to find and do the best of the situation. Thats actually really regarding when you succeed to manage and worth the compromise.

Sometimes the night becomes the kick in the ass and startup of things and easier to do the next day. Like when writing this. The words just flooded through my head while laying in my bed before the sleep. The day after I read through it, wrote some more and made some adjustments and more readable. My writing and beginning of blog posts is almost always born at night.

So, in some strange way. I think that I have a really nice life after all, full of opportunities. What you need to know is that you probably don’t need everything as you wish to find peace. Maybe you need less. And then just do it.

Last night I went for a walk with my camera in the snow around the neighbourhood. Not much more far away than a couple of hundred meters around the corners. All wrong timing for this kind of weather. No one wants snow at this time of the year. But a good reason enough to make use of, because you have to deal with it anyway. And it made me feel motivated to get out with my jewel around my neck.

I didn’t bother that I probably wouldn’t find very much of impressive excitement out there worth shooting. Well aware about that you can never know that for sure. I have been surprised many times before. And that’s far more exciting and satisfying than to be in an exciting place were you believe you should find nice things to shoot for granted.

And another night I didn’t went any further away than around the walls inside my own apartment. And saw things from a different view that inspired me make photographs. The light is always more exciting when it’s dark outside. Experimenting with angles, focus, silhouettes or just as it was, for no fabulous reason at all. I mean, how often do we look around what to shoot were we stand. Even when we’re away we often search for where to go. We are too often concerned of what’s not there.

If there’s nothing of satisfying interest around you. Try to remind you about to be aware of that now is the best time and reason to be more experimental instead. Do things that you probably wouldn’t do if the world was full of interesting views. This is the best time to explore and develop both your photography, yourself and the environment at the same time. Preparing you with intuitive skills to make use of. Shake your head and change the patterns in the kaleidoscope.

What’s exciting is nothing else but what you decide inside your own head. Don’t blame the world around you if you feel bored and don’t have everything you want at hand. Don’t look for excuses not to act because you don’t have the gears you think you need or live in a fancy place full of interesting stuff around you. Where are you now, just do it anyway.

In fact, I think the lack of readymade circumstance is one of the best trigger to empower the creativity to start create possibilities and turn it inside out. Taking control of the circumstances instead being controlled by them.

But be aware of pushing things to far and make your photography unnecessary complicated, thinking to much and search for die hard deep superfluous philosophical compositions in everything. Everything haven’t got to be unique and special every time. Life isn’t always fabulous. You need to embrace the ordinary to not get lost in the extraordinary. Try to find the quality of almost boring sometimes, it’s healthy.

Whenever you feel inspiration and motivation to do something. Don’t hesitate – try to just do it, in one or another way as good as possible. Don’t let less optimal “perfect” circumstances block your way, it’s probably only shadows of doubts made by yourself. Just say hello wave goodbye and walk through them and see what you can achieve with less than more. Look for fun, not for obstacles. Unless looking at them as interesting challenges. Even worth failing to face.

I’m in no way the most skilled in any of this myself (in any way). I doubt all the time about everything I do, almost. But through the years I think I have learned to avoid to value my doubts, or failures to much. I see them, but I don’t feel them anymore. I often look at myself in third person and have no problems to make fun of myself, and enjoy doing it. That have made me a lot more confident, stronger, more fearless, made me enjoy the power of less is more and a whole lot happier. And probably a much better human in general.

And still learning. You will never be a better photographer, or person, than yesterday, because tomorrow is not here yet.

Oscar Wilde once mentioned something like this:
Life is to important to be taken seriously. I love that quote.


And here comes a mindfuck about perfect and nothing

that you can make use of as a playful mind hack against doubts about yourself and the meaning of life in general. Something I’ve created without really knowing what the heck I’m talking about.

What is nothing? Nothing is impossible, it can’t exist. You may get a glimpse of nothing every second before the future – but it’s already filled with something at the same moment you enter the essence of nothing.

Nothing can’t possibly exist without being totally empty of anything, even one single atom. Nothing have never happened yet. Nothing doesn’t exist. Nothing is the only moment of circumstance that can be perfect, because what can be more perfect than nothing.

Nothing is the most perfect moment of something. But at the same time nothing become something it’s not perfect anymore and will never be. There will always be flaws, and how ever you try to rearrange the patterns it can never be perfect, because perfect is just as impossible as nothing. And nothing is seems quite useless to strive for. I mean, why should you want to do that?

And therefore perfect is the enemy of good enough. Because perfect depends upon nothing to exist to be able to be perfect. So never strive for perfect, it will never happen for more than a split second of a delightful moment in time, and then you begin to doubt again. Aim for good enough. Many times it’s actually the missing pieces of perfect that makes it almost perfect, but it is the flaws that creates the beauty. Perfect is not being perfect. Nothing is impossible. The beauty of eternal combinations.

What if you made something that actually became perfect. It would probably kill your motivation and drive you crazy. Luckily perfect doesn’t exist, just as nothing doesn’t. So don’t bother hunting it. You are closer to it than you think all the time.



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